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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 669: Stopped the Car for Her

Florence laughed. “All right. When Stanford bullies you again, just call my name loudly. I’ll go protect you,” she agreed quickly. It made sense, though. After all, no matter how arrogant Stanford was, he loved Florence only. However, upon hearing Florence’s words, Clarence sensed something not right. He wondered if she was making fun of him. Collin ground his teeth and said, stressing each syllable, “Please don’t bother. I’ll directly grab you and put you in front of me. If he wants to beat me, he must beat you first. ” Florence choked up. It seemed Collin would use her as the shield. Seeing Florence was rendered speechless, Collin immediately became delighted. Humming a song, he left happily. Florence ground her teeth while looking at his receding figure. What a bastard! He bullied her because he had a sharper tongue. Ernest’s big hand landed on her head, rubbing her hair dotingly. With a smile, he said, “I’ll teach him a lesson later. ” “For real?” Florence widened her eyes in surprise, glinting at Ernest. The anger in her heart suddenly changed to delight. Ernest nodded with a smile. A playful cold light flashed through his deep eyes. Collin dared to bully Florence in Ernest’s presence, and Ernest believed that Collin was truly seeking death. Collin, who just turned around and walked away, suddenly felt a chill rising on his back. He couldn’t help but shiver. He wondered what happened. He suddenly sensed a danger that he would be beaten up. He looked around, casting a glance at the door of the car that was nearby. He thought of Stanford who was sitting there. Probably Stanford was still angry, waiting for him to get in the car. Collin didn’t want to be beaten. Nearly without any hesitation, Collin strode forward decisively and walked to the car in front of Stanford’s. He opened the door. The bodyguards looked at him in confusion while sitting in the backseat. “Mr. Campbell, what can I do for you?” one of them asked. “You. Get off. ” The bodyguard looked so puzzled

Immediately, she rubbed her eyes. She looked out again -- it was truly snowing outside. “Why is it snowing outside?” Florence immediately sat up in Ernest’s arms

. She lay prone on the window and peered out in surprise. Looking at her, Ernest felt a bit helpless. He could only lean over, supporting his arms on the seat and the window to wrap Florence in his arms so that she wouldn’t bump into anything. He explained patiently, “We have entered the plateau mountain area, where the altitude is high and the temperature is low, so there’s snow all year round. ”“Have we arrived at the snow mountain so fast?” Florence said in surprise. She was amazed by their speed. She had thought that they would arrive in three or four days. Florence watched the heavy snow outside the car window. The snowflakes were drifting profusely and disorderly, just like a beautiful dream. “So beautiful,” she muttered. Reaching out, she wanted to press the button to get the window down, so that she could touch the snowflakes. However, when she just reached the button, Ernest held her entire hand to stop her. Florence looked up at him in confusion. Ernest said in a gentle tone, “It’s quite cold outside. If you open the window, you may catch a cold. ”Upon hearing it, Florence finally realized that although it was snowing outside and looked quite cold, she was still wearing a dress and didn’t feel cold at all. They should have the air conditioner on in the car to maintain the temperature. She checked the bodyguards on the driver’s seat and the passenger seat -- both of them were wearing thin suits. Obviously, they couldn’t bear the winter cold. Hence, she couldn’t open the window to touch the snowflakes, which made her a bit down. Ernest could read her in. Embracing her petite body, he said, “When we get a flatter place later, we’ll take a break. You can put on the jacket and get off to watch the snow. ”“Really?”Florence’s eyes became shiny immediately. She was joyful. It never snowed in City N. In her life, she had never been to any snow mountains and seen such heavy snow. Almost all girls would love to see the heavy snow, and so would Florence. Ernest rubbed her hair, nodding affectionately. Then, he said to Timothy on the passenger seat, “Check the map. Let’s pullover and have a break when the environment is good. ”“Yes, Mr. Hawkins,” Timothy answered immediately. However, inwardly, he bitched about Ernest -- having a break was just an excuse, wasn’t it? He just wanted to let Florence get off the car and watch the snow. Realizing it, Timothy believed that he must find somewhere beautiful