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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 233: Suddenly Calmed Down

Since Ernest joined the meeting so suddenly, the noisy meeting room quieted down immediately. Everyone gazed at Ernest in surprise and nervousness. They all stood up from their seats, standing straight. Ernest ignored all of them except that he looked over at Florence deeply. Seeing that she was sitting next to Reynold and they were so close to each other. He felt that they were so intimate as if they would hug each other at any time. Moreover, the harmony between them was like the sparks flying over the gas, which immediately made Ernest furious. He couldn’t help wondering if it was because of Reynold that Florence kept resisting him. Did she have a crush on this man whom she just got to know a few days? Florence was studying the documents in her hands carefully. She sensed that there was a weird silence around her together with a threatening coldness that was targeting her. She raised her head and found the tall and strong man standing at the door. The warm sunshine shining outside the window fell on him, making him outstanding and handsome. However, he emanated more and more coldness as if he was wrapped with the frost. He walked towards her step by step. Feeling the coldness raised from the bottom of her feet, Florence tightened her body by instinct. Noticing that the smile disappeared from Florence’s face, Ernest looked more annoyed. The fury inside his heart almost reached the boundary to explode. In Reynold’s presence, she could smile so brightly. But she could never smile so freely in front of him. The jealousy that Ernest had never had before almost ruined his reason. He looked extremely irritated, striding over to Florence. Gazing at her sharply, he had dangerous flames burning in his eyes as if she would be burned into ashes the next second. Sensing the attacking aura from the man, Florence couldn’t help but recall what had happened last night. He was just so fierce and dangerous as he was now. He almost had swallowed her alive. Florence’s nerves were so tightened as if they were about to break down. Subconsciously, she stood up and wanted to leave in a hurry, distancing herself from him. However, as soon as she moved, Ernest grabbed her wrist. His palm was quite hot. However, when the heat reached Florence’s skin, she felt extremely cold. Ernest asked in a pretty low voice, “Where else are you planning to go?” Florence stiffed, her face pale. His question was reechoed in her mind. Last night, she escaped from the room. She wondered if he came here to catch her. Reynold also stood up. Reaching out his hand, he grabbed Ernest’s wrist. Although he was smiling, he behaved quite aggressively. “Mr. Hawkins, could you please let go of Florence first?” Staring at the man’s hand on his wrist, Ernest frowned in disgust. He suddenly shook off Reynold’s hand forcibly and stared daggers at Reynold. “You don’t deserve to mind my business yet

Her eyes were full of resistance to him even with fears. Seeing it, Ernest felt as if his heart was stung by something violently. The fury and rage in his heart instantly turned to be panic

. He had frightened her. He came to look for her, but not to make her hate him. Pressing his thin lips, Ernest released slightly his grip on Florence’s waist. He whispered, “I came to join the meeting only. ”“What?”Florence gaped at him, thinking that she had just misheard. Other attendees were all agape like fools. They all thought they had an illusion together. Mr. Hawkins looked so fierce and angry in the last second. They could tell that he came here for trouble. Also, he was so aggressive and ruthless to Reynold. They all thought that Florence would be the next unlucky one. But much to their surprise--They couldn’t understand why Mr. Hawkins had suddenly calmed down. Ernest didn’t care what others were thinking about at all. Gazing at Florence, he also had a complicated expression on his face as if he had a lot of words to tell her helplessly. He was so furious, but when facing her, he couldn’t vent it at all. Besides, he had already scared her last night. He didn’t want to continue frightening her, and nor would he want to see her resist him. “Please be seated. ”Ernest sat down in the chair next to Florence. He behaved elegantly and gracefully as if nothing had happened just now. Florence was standing in a daze, still hadn’t returned to her senses yet. She totally couldn’t figure out what was in Ernest’s mind. Would Reynold be fine then?Florence looked at Reynold and then at Ernest who had taken a seat. She planned to find a new seat and sit down. After experiencing what had happened last night, she truly didn’t want to be so close to Ernest. When she was about to leave, Ernest suddenly increased the strength on his hand that was gripping her wrist. Off-guard, Florence had to sit down next to him. Beside her, Ernest approached closer and whispered in her ears with a volume that only the two could hear, “Sit beside me. ”“No. ”“Why? There are so many people here. Are you afraid that I would do anything to you?”He raised his voice a bit, full of threatening tease. Florence’s body was stiffened. She could tell that he was threatening her.