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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 428: Suffocating Despair

She shook her head, “I don’t believe it. Ernest wouldn’t give up on me, and nor would he give up on our love. ” She refused to believe it. “But he’s gone. He was defeated and ran away!” Stanford grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to look into his eyes. He said seriously, stressing each syllable, “Flory, this means a big humiliation for a man. Ernest Hawkins is such a proud man, so he couldn’t endure it. He has lost his right to love you. ” Florence didn’t understand about the so-called war between men, and nor could she understand what terrifying things had happened between them. However, the words “given up” kept stinging her heart like needles. Ernest was gone. She wondered if it indeed meant that he had given up on her. With concern, Stanford patted her on her shoulder and heaved a deep sigh. “Flory, I know you are quite upset now. But only after you know what kind of man he is, you won’t be suffered in the future. Flory, from now on, you are free. ” After finishing his words, Stanford didn’t have the heart to see Florence suffer. He strode into the house. His eyes were dimmed. What happened in the past few weeks kept flashing through his mind. He had been fighting against Ernest during this period of time. All through the years, he was so arrogant in the world. However, this was the first time that he had enjoyed the battle so much. Ernest was like a good match for him on the battlefield, and Stanford even had an illusion of meeting a confidant. Ernest wasn’t weaker than him in terms of means and power. However, he had considered too much - because Stanford was Florence’s older brother, Ernest still kept holding his trump card and showed mercy on Stanford. That was why he was gradually suppressed by Stanford. Until last night, Ernest had a chance to fight back, but he didn’t make the move. His so-called failure wasn’t the real failure. Stanford was always a man of noble character, and he had never taken the advantage of anyone. However, Ernest was so difficult to be defeated. For Florence, Stanford had to defeat him and force him to leave here. Stanford knew that it wasn’t an honored victory. If there would be another chance, he wished that he would fight against Ernest nobly. Stanford stopped in the corridor and looked down at Florence in the yard, who seemed to be quite disappointed and lonely, and heaved a sigh. Unfortunately, they’d better not meet each other again for the rest of life. The news that Stanford had confirmed was out of her expectation. She was agape and didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t believe that Ernest had gone like this. Now they were worlds apart. How could she meet him again? Also, he had given up. It would be impossible for him to gain approval from her family. With reddish eyes, Florence stubbornly tried to hold back the tears that welled up in her tears. She still didn’t believe it

She felt as if a huge rock was pressing on her chest, making her unable to breathe. She was upset. She had become so upset as if her heart would explode

. “Flory, it’s raining. Let’s go home. ” Suddenly, Stanford appeared from nowhere. He opened a big umbrella and protected Florence from the rain. However, Florence didn’t raise her head at all as if she hadn’t seen him. She just kept watching forward. Her bony and petite boy was exposed in the rain again. In a hurry, Stanford followed her and covered her with the umbrella. Meanwhile, he reached out to grab her arm. “Flory, let me take you home. ”“No!”With reddened eyes, Flory pushed him away. Looking at him in despair, she asked, “Why do you have to force Ernest to leave? Why? I’m so happy when I’m with him. Why don’t you allow me to be happy?”Stanford was taken aback instantly, frowning deeply. Only God knew how much he wanted her to be the happiest girl in this world. He always wished that she would be surrounded by happiness all her life without shedding a single tear. “Flory, I did it for your good. You’ll understand in the future. The happiness that Ernest could give you wasn’t the happiness at all. ”“You don’t understand it at all. None of you understand it!”Florence took a few steps back while sobbing. With tearful eyes, she said in a sad and lonely voice, “You all told me that they are doing it for my own good. You’ve made the decision for me. Have you ever asked me if I’m willing to or if I want it? I love him now. I trust him. Even if we wouldn’t be happy in the future, I’m willing to. ”Who could fully guarantee his or her future would be happy?She just wanted to cherish the moment and cherish the current beloved man. Upon hearing her words, Stanford felt as if he got a strike from the lightning. Looking at Florence in a daze, he repeated her words in disbelief, “You’re willing to even if you won’t be happy in the future?”He couldn’t help wondering how persistent she was so that she was so willing to. Did Florence love Ernest so deeply?“Flory, but I’m your brother, and I can’t bear to see you get hurt,” Stanford said deeply, his tone quite low. His voice was almost covered by the rain. However, Florence still heard him. His words were like open a door in her heart, poking at the softest and sorest spot in her heart. She finally burst into tears after trying her best to hold them back. She knew her brother and parents were doing it for her good. They planned for her future wholeheartedly, so they had done so. However, the more she could understand them, the more collapsing and helpless she was. In the name of love, she couldn’t blame anyone or complain about anyone, but she couldn’t love the man she loved either. The overwhelming despair almost drowned her, pulling her into the abyss. Florence wondered what else she could do.