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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 337: Super Meticulous

“What the fuck!” Collin was rendered speechless, looking at Stanford as if he was looking at a monster. Frankly speaking, he was Stanford’s best friend since childhood. Stanford always looked like a prince since he was born, aloof, elegant, and doing things willfully. He had a strong ego. Collin had never imagined that Stanford would dote and accommodate himself to someone else. However, just now he had witnessed that the elegant Stanford clung to Florence shamelessly just for getting closer to her. Stanford raised his eyebrows, and his eyes suddenly became deep and dangerous. “Don’t curse in my younger sister’s presence. ” Collin was speechless. Stanford had gone too far. He tried his best to remind Florence about his presence as if he was a decent gentleman. Indeed, Stanford didn’t curse, but when he killed people, would it be less dirty? Florence was sitting on the chair obediently, having no idea what was going on between the two men. She was quite down, feeling a bit numb. She didn’t want to pay attention to a lot of things. When the food was served, she started eating. Also, the food looked and smelt very well, when she put it into her mouth, she found it quite tasteless and hard to swallow. Florence only took a few bites, and then she put down the fork and knife. Stanford looked at her with concern. “What’s up? Don’t you like the food?” Florence nodded. “Is it cooked by a foreign chef? Probably I’m not used to it. ” As she spoke, she was about to stand up and leave. Stanford said, “Flory, wait a minute. ” He waved, and then those maids came over to the table with plates one after another. They put the dishes in front of Florence, which were all Chinese style. Florence gaped, looking at Stanford in surprise. Stanford explained, “I’m not sure what food is your favorite, so I asked the chefs to cook a lot of different styles of dishes. Please go head pick up the ones you like. If you don’t like any of them, we can change it into another dish. ” Florence was so surprised and didn’t know what to do. She wondered if Stanford meant that there were dozens of chefs in the kitchen, who had made the dishes for breakfast at the same time and waited in a line. As soon as she didn’t like any dish, there would be a replacement. In that case, the dishes prepared could be more than those served in a royal banquet. Her mouth corner twitched. Florence didn’t know what to say, but she felt warmth in her heart. For so many years, nobody had been caring about her so much. She wondered if the feeling that being doted was the feeling of having an older brother. Although it was way too exaggerated, she felt not bad. “I like Chinese dishes, better a bit spicy,” Florence took the initiative to tell Stanford. This was the first time that she had taken the initiative to inform him something

He felt sorry for her and frowned. After a moment, he said, “Flory, please stay here from now on, OK?”Florence was a bit stunned. Her brother asked her to stay in this house

. She had an older brother now, so this turned to be her own house, wasn’t it? However, she wasn’t used to the home that suddenly appeared in her life. She hesitated. Stanford continued, “It’s not convenient for you to stay with your friend all the time. I’ll also worry about you. This is your home. You’ll move in sooner or later. And you’ll stay here for all your life. ”It was her home, which she could stay for all her life. She didn’t need to move out. Since she had moved around a few times, and she couldn’t find a place to settle down, Florence had become quite scared about moving, which caused a subconscious shadow in her heart. “Okay. ” After a long while, Florence nodded in agreement. Stanford was delighted. Excited, he wanted to hug Florence. However, when seeing her expressionless face, he had to withdraw his hands. He knew that he should take it easy and not push her too hard. “I’ll ask the servant to move your luggage here. ”Stanford stood up and was about to call the servant. Putting down the water glass, Florence stood up as well. “I’ll move them myself. ”“No way. You haven’t recovered yet. You can’t do such things. ”“I want to pack up my things myself, so later I can find where they are. ”After hesitating for a moment, Stanford made the decision. “I’ll go with you. ”He was quite determined although he spoke in a gentle tone, implying that his decision shouldn’t be rejected. Florence wanted to say something to stop him, but she couldn’t now. Although during the few hours that they were getting along and Stanford was quite gentle and doting to her, Florence knew that Stanford was a domineering man as well. Once he had decided something, he wouldn’t allow anyone to change it. That was probably the habit of a superior man. Anyway, those were all trifles, so Florence didn’t mind too much. Besides, she knew that Stanford wanted to go with her because he worried about her.