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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 402: Sweet Video Chat

She accepted the video chat. On the screen, she saw Ernest’s handsome face. However, it was a bit dark around him, so she couldn’t see anything else. Obviously, he hadn’t returned to his car, but she guessed that he must be close. Florence asked nervously, “Why do you want to have a video chat with me now?” Wasn’t he afraid that he would be noticed? Ernest stared at Florence so deeply as if his gaze could almost go through the screen and fall on her. He answered, “I want to let you see if I’m safe. ” Florence was stunned, blushing right away. She did ask about his status, but he directly invited her to have the video chat with him to confirm. That was way too straightforward. She felt so sweet as if her heart was fulfilled with honey. Florence said in a low voice, “I was just checking. If it’s not convenient for you, just hang it up. ” “Nope. It’s convenient. ” Ernest pressed his lips into a smile. The scene on the screen shook a bit, seemingly that he was walking. Florence faintly saw some scenery behind him - all trees. It seemed that he was still in the forest. But she didn’t know which area he was in. She asked, “Where are you now? How did you come here?” She was a bit familiar with the building around the villa. Since their villas were on the hillside, there were a lot of woods and forests around. Their yards were also covered with trees, and the bodyguards were on patrol from time to time. If Ernest sneaked in, he wouldn’t be so bold to walk while calling on the phone. Otherwise, he would be found long ago. Ernest pressed his thin lips. Instead of answering, he turned around his camera and let Florence take a look at the road ahead. He said, “I’ll soon arrive at the roadside. ” Outside the dark forest, Florence could see a car parked under the dimmed yell light from the street lamp. The hillside belonged to the Fraser family completely. Only the family members or relatives could come back and forth. The car that appeared at this time over there should only be Ernest’s car. Seeing that he was approaching the car, Florence finally felt relieved. “Be careful on the way back. I’m not holding you up then. ” Florence was about to hang up. After all, if he drove while answering the video call, it would be quite dangerous. Ernest paused and looked at Florence on the screen with a faint smile. He whispered, “You haven’t seen me arrive at my hotel room safely. Can you rest assured?” Since he got in the car, he could send her a message to inform her after arriving at the hotel. That would be all. Florence wondered why she would not rest assured. When she was about to ask, Ernest added, “I’ll hang up after arriving

Unexpectedly, Ernest’s snort was heard. He snorted at Timothy. “Did you miss her a lot?”His threatening gaze almost tore Timothy apart as if the latter were coveting his prey

. Timothy couldn’t help but tremble, cold sweat oozing on his forehead. Instantly, he covered his mouth and explained, “Mr. Hawkins, I didn’t mean it. I just said that for being polite. I didn’t miss Ms. Fraser truly. ”How could he miss Mr. Hawkins’s fiancée? Unless he had a death wish. Florence was speechless. How could Timothy admit that he didn’t miss her truly? What was wrong with him?However, from her angle, she could see Ernest’s handsome face when she looked up. His fierce and threatening look made him extremely seductive. It turned out that Ernest could be jealous. Florence curled up her lips into a sweet smile. Timothy was freaked out. Mr. Hawkins in love was quite easy to get jealous of. Timothy realized that he couldn’t even joke. He had touched Mr. Hawkins’ taboo twice already, and he didn’t have the guts to get involved with the love birds. Otherwise, he would become the cannon fodder unconsciously. “Mr. Hawkins, I’ll drive. ”As he spoke, Timothy rushed to the driver’s seat. After that, he looked straight in front, pretending that he was so concentrated that he could hear or see anything else. Since the third wheel was gone, Ernest looked less annoyed. He lowered his head and looked at Florence tenderly. “I’m getting in the car now. ”Florence nodded. “Okay. ” Actually, he didn’t need to report such a trifle to her purposely. However, since he did it, she felt sweeter in her heart. Although they were on the video call, she felt that the distance between Ernest and her was shortened gradually. Ernest sat in the car and kept the lamp of the rear compartment on, so Florence could see his face. It was the first time that Florence chitchatted with Ernest through the video call. She looked ruby all the time and her heart kept hammering without slowing down. She had never expected that the moment with him would be so beautiful and sweet.