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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 581: Take Care of Her

Stanford strode towards Florence and looked at her. The first thing he did was to make sure that she was safe and sound in front of him. Although he was a man who had a heart of steel, his eyes became red uncontrollably at the moment. He felt that it was so fortunate that Florence was still alive. No one could understand his feeling when he received the distress message from the unknown phone number. He was so nervous and uneasy at the moment. He knew that there was a high chance that the message was not true, but he rushed there as fast as he could without hesitating as he knew that there was a tiny bit of hope. It was so lucky that he had arrived there in time and finally found his sister. Stanford looked at Florence excitedly and said urgently, “What’s wrong with you? Are you injured?” Florence shook his head and said urgently, “It’s Ernest who is injured. He can’t hold on much longer. You have to think of a way to save him. Faster. ” Looking at Florence’s anxious look, Stanford frowned slightly before reluctantly looking at Ernest. Ernest was laying in a pool of blood. His face was pale as if he tried his best to stay alive. Stanford’s heart throbbed for a moment seeing Ernest’s look. When he arrived just now, he had been watching from afar with binoculars. Before he reached the scene, he saw Ernest was trying his best to protect Florence with his injured body. Although he was far away, he could still see that Ernest was holding on for dear life. Now, Ernest was probably already exhausted and on the verge of death. Ernest looked at Stanford with a gloomy look and said with a low voice, “Mr. Fraser, please take care of Florence. ” Florence's heart pulsed very fast and she couldn’t understand why Ernest was still worrying about her on the verge of death. She thought that he should take care of himself first. Or else… Florence realized something and her heart throbbed for a moment. Was Ernest trying to ask Stanford to take care of her? She became worried that Ernest couldn’t hold on to stay alive. Thinking about this, Florence’s face turned pale with fright. She was about to say something when the arm on her shoulder suddenly became heavier. Ernest closed his eyes, and his tall body instantly lost the strength to support himself, making his whole body fell on Florence’s body. Florence was shocked and hurriedly used all her strength to hug him

He found out that they had suddenly called a lot of people towards the scene, and that was why he had followed them here. Only then Florence felt relieved. She knew that Ernest would definitely be saved as long as Collin was here

. But as soon as she felt relieved, she suddenly felt worried about something the next second. She saw the gruesome injuries on Ernest’s chest after Stanford had undressed Ernest’s suit. He had suffered from a severe injury before this. After the fight just now, the wound was split open and even torn, creating a deeper bloodstain. Some of his bones were even visible. Moreover, the blood instantly stained the stretcher beneath him red. The blood converged together and dripped downwards drop by drop. Florence’s vision instantly blurred, and she was so uncomfortable that she could barely breathe. After carefully taking care of Ernest for three days, she had finally managed to make his injuries a little bit better. But after what had just happened, the injury had not only gone back to the previous state, but it had also gotten worse!How could Ernest’s current physical condition withstand such a serious injury?“Heh, he had suffered from such a serious injury. Even if Collin comes, he would not be able to save him!”Benjamin who was kneeling on the ground raised his head and laughed evilly. He looked miserable, yet he tried to raise his head and look at Ernest on the stretcher with an evil sight. Looking at Ernest in this state, he felt extremely happy as if he had found some fun. “If you all catch me, I will be dead. Haha, luckily I still have Ernest to accompany me to die together. ”“Shut up!”Florence was so angry that she yelled at Benjamin loudly. Her voice was so sharp as if her throat was going to be torn apart. She held Ernest’s hand tightly, as her body kept trembling uncontrollably. She said something slowly while gritting her teeth, “Ernest will be okay. He will definitely be okay!”“Florence, why do you have to deceive yourself and others? Open your eyes and look at his injuries. With injuries like that, it’s impossible for him to stay alive, let alone he was so exhausted now. ”Benjamin shouted maliciously, “Have you forgotten? Just now Ernest also asked Stanford to take care of you. Don’t you understand what he meant? He knew that he won’t be able to survive!”Every word he said was like a sharp knife, making Florence who was very nervous feel pain. She looked at Ernest whose body was covered in blood, and her entire vision seemed to be dyed red with blood.