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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 277: Take It Easy

“Take it easy,” Ernest uttered a few words, his thin lips apart. His words seemed to have certain magical power. It calmed down Florence, whose heart that had jumped into her throat fell back to her chest. However, her face was turning more reddened. Ernest looked forward. In his charming eyes, only Florence existed. With her in his arms, he strode out of the banquet hall. The onlookers made a wide way for them consciously. Their gazes followed them in respect, fear, and incredibility. Florence couldn’t feel any disdain or mockery at all. The rumors were completely changed because of this man who was holding her. She looked at him, her heart sped up. It seemed that something had broken through the solid wall in her heart, unearthed. Only Ernest could be so protective of her and save her without questioning her when she was so embarrassed, blocking all the harm from her and protecting her. From the very beginning to the end, Ernest didn’t spare any look at anyone else. Carrying Florence in his arms, he strode away. Holding her in public, he wanted all of the attendees to understand his treasure and affection for Florence. He was doting his fiancée very much. Since the woman who was loved and treasured by Ernest so much, who would be the bold one risking his or her own life to provoke her again? All of them could tell the affection between the couple-to-be, and no one else could step in at all. For such love birds, how could any of them cheat on the other? It was so ridiculous. Besides, Reynold also made an apology and admitted, which meant that Florence was innocent. Annabelle was bullshitting! All their disdainful and blaming gazes fell on Annabelle. Someone openly scolded her, “Annabelle, where do you think you are standing in? How dared you bullshit here! You even have the balls to insult Mr. Hawkins and Ms. Fraser. You must have a death wish!” “Indeed. Are you playing the monkey tricks with us? You are the scheming and hypocritical bitch!” “I’ve never seen such a disgusting woman like you. You just want to gain a man’s heart but you played such a dirty trick. You don’t deserve to stay in the upper-class at all. You are the same of our circle!” The undistinguished blames kept attacking Annabelle. The crowd didn’t hide their disgust and anger on her. They also regretted that they almost had offended Ernest just because of Annabelle. If that happened, no matter how wealthy or powerful their families were, they would be doomed for sure. Annabelle paled. She had never expected the situation would turn to be like this. She had thought that as soon as she had revealed that Florence was dating two men at the same time, Ernest would dump Florence. And Reynold would dump Florence as well because of his dignity. However, she couldn’t understand why a noble and superior man like Ernest would choose to protect Florence without even asking her for an explanation

He talked to Annabelle word by word. Those words were spoken by Annabelle all the time earlier. However, at this moment, when she heard that Reynold admitted them personally, Annabelle didn’t feel happy at all

. She just became more frightened. Crying and shaking her head, she said, “I didn’t know it. I knew nothing. I just talked nonsense. I don’t want anything. Please let go of me. Please!”However, Reynold completely ignored her words. He continued in a low voice, “I like her. When you broke in, I was about to confess my love to her. ”Upon hearing it, Annabelle widened her eyes in disbelief. She wondered if Reynold was lying to her. Shouldn’t Florence and he had already had sex? How could it be? Reynold liked Florence but he had just wanted to confess his love to her?Hence, between Florence and Reynold, although they were not just friends, they were not dating yet. Florence wasn’t dating two men at the same time, at least for the time being. That was why Florence always refused to admit it. And that was why Ernest protected her. Hence. Annabelle realized that she acted too recklessly. She had revealed everything too early. Upon realizing it, Annabelle felt more regretful besides desperate. She wished that she could strangle her. Annabelle realized that it was she who ruined herself. Reynold smiled evilly. He was quite satisfied to watch Annabelle’s reaction. If it weren’t that Annabelle suddenly had broken in and slandered Florence, probably he could successfully confess his love to Florence. Probably she could give him an answer or even have accepted him. However, nothing that he expected had happened. Florence was carried away by Ernest in public. He could tell how grateful and peaceful Florence looked when she looked at Ernest when he was protective of her. Since Ernest had come here, Florence didn’t spare a glance at Reynold at all. It was all Annabelle’s fault. She had pushed Florence, the girl whose heart he could gain easily, to Ernest. Reynold didn’t only want to strangle Annabelle, but also he wanted her to suffer. He wanted her to suffer in living Hell.