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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 113: Take Off Your Shirt

Florence had to use a lot of energy to send Ernest back to Senna International Community. As she passed through the door, the kitten pounced on Florence out of habit, but before it could reach Florence, it was caught by Ernest. Ernest shot a glance at it, as if it was a bitter enemy. “Get as far away from her as possible. ” As he said that, he threw the kitten into the distance, drawing an arc in the air. “Hey, be careful. ” Florence was rendered speechless by his actions. Fearing that the kitten would crash to the floor, she watched it carefully, and was only able to feel relieved after seeing the kitten landing lightly on its toes. “Meow. ” The kitten stood there and let out a purr while staring at Florence. It wanted to get close again, but it was intimidated by Ernest’s icy glare. Florence was feeling amused by what she was seeing. Ernest must be very drunk since the high and mighty Mr. Hawkins was even bullying a kitten. Would he remember all of this when he woke up from his drunken state tomorrow? Florence helped Ernest back to his room with much effort, and after entering the room, she was still feeling startled by the mild and warm colour tone of the room. She couldn’t know whether this was just her illusion, but the style of this room somehow resembled hers. At the moment, there were rose petals scattered all over the floor. The fragrance was assaulting her nose, and the whole place was dreamy and romantic. Ernest stared at her squarely and with a sexy and low voice, he asked, “Do you like this?” He was repeating the same question again. His gaze was even more sincere and intense compared to when he was confessing last night. As she locked gaze with him, Florence felt her heart shudder uncontrollably, as if all of her consciousness was going to be sucked away by him. At least, she was sure that the design and styling of this room was to cater to her preference. Even all the little accessories were all her favourite designs with everything well thought-out. “…I like them. ” Florence answered in a barely audible voice after pressing her lips into a line. A sparkle of colours could be seen in Ernest’s eyes, and his thin lips couldn’t help lifting themselves upwards. The curve was so brilliant that everything around him seemed to lose their lustre, leaving him as the most eye-catching object in the room. Florence could only gape at him while losing her focus. How could there be someone who looked so otherworldly in this world? “Florence, I want to live here with you. ” He uttered these words slowly, and each of them sounded very casual, but they were infused with his endless longing. In the past, he never had any concept as to what was a home. To him, it was just a villa for him to stay, but he couldn’t remember when he started having thoughts and wishes of living together with Florence. This place had the woman he loved in addition to things she loved. Florence’s heart started to pound furiously, and she felt that her heart was going to jump out of her ribcage. Perhaps the atmosphere was too good at the moment, or perhaps she couldn’t reason anymore at such a late hour. She focused her gaze on him as her mind went blank

“Anyway, I won’t bathe you. Let me go, I need to go out now. ” Ernest stopped talking at this moment, but he was still holding Florence’s hand without any sign of letting go

. He was simply staring at her. His stare gave Florence creeps, as she suddenly felt very exhausted. She was feeling an immense regret now. Why did she pick up Harold’s phone? Why didn’t she set her phone silent as she was going to sleep? Why did she have to get tricked by Harold’s sweet words, and why did she have to know Ernest in the first place!After sucking in a deep breath, Florence uttered these words with much difficulty, “Then, take off your clothes now. ”“Help me take them off. ”Ernest replied while spreading his arms wide, waiting to be served and taken care of by others. Florence almost vomited blood. However, the Ernest who was drunk not only turned into someone without principles and morality, he was her worst nightmare too. She couldn’t win in a staring match, so she could only give in. She extended her hand to remove his coat. Then, she worked on his shirt as she unbuttoned the buttons. As she worked her way down his body, his good-looking collarbone, a chiselled chest and abdomen came into view…As she worked her way downwards, the sexier he became. With her face blushed, Florence tried to avert her gaze from him nervously. She didn’t dare to take another look at him as she discarded his clothes to one side. Then, it was time for his pants. She stared at his belt, and for some reason she couldn’t reach out her hand. Except for that accidental night, she never had any physical relationship with men anymore. In truth, she was still a very pure and innocent girl. It was the first time for her to remove clothes and pants from a man’s body. It felt very explicit for her to take off another man’s pants. “Cough, cough. I can’t unbuckle this belt. Can you take off your pant yourself?”With a crisp sound, Ernest easily unbuckled his belt with a flick of his fingers. He then hurled the belt away nonchalantly. His figure-hugging pants perfectly stayed in the same position by his waist. It didn’t look like it would fall off either. Florence twitched the corner of her mouth. Couldn’t he just take off his own pants while he was at it?She raised her eyes and saw that Ernest was still staring at her, waiting for her to do something. “Ernest, I really hope you don’t forget what is happening now. You need to remember how you are acting while you’re drunk. ”She was really infuriated now. Florence gnashed her teeth while fuming as she reached out to unbutton his pants and pull down his zip with resignation.