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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 160: Taking Care of Her Carefully

Georgia was not bothered. She said all smiles, “Ernest doesn’t care about this. Why are you bothered? It’s good as long as they can be happy after getting married. Brianna immediately became silent. Georgia always stuck up for Ernest and Florence. And judging from this, as long as they didn’t make a big mistake, their engagement would not be cancelled. She could not simply wait for the progress without doing anything. Charlotte also felt unhappy. When seeing that Ernest was pampering Florence a lot, she felt so jealous that she almost went crazy. She had put in great efforts but Ernest didn’t care about her at all. If this situation continued, Ernest and Florence would definitely get married yet she would not be able to do anything for it. In the end, she would not have the chance to become Ernest’s wife anymore. But Charlotte was unwilling to accept this fate. They went to the dining room with different thoughts. There was no kitchen or maids in this villa, but there was a kitchen that was exclusive to Ernest in the adjoining villa. Several world-famous chefs were in the kitchen awaiting Ernest’s orders. They would could dishes there and send them to this villa when prepared. Things were the same today. As there were many people today and Ernest didn’t like to share a plate of dish with others, they had western food today. The beefsteak served to Georgia was tender and exquisite. They all started to enjoy their food and the atmosphere seemed to be harmonious. Florence’s cheeks were still flushed. She felt embarrassed to look at others and tried to decrease her sense of presence as possible. Nevertheless, Ernest’s action caused their attentions. He moved away the beefsteak in front of Florence and put the plate of beefsteak that have been cut in front of her. His action was so natural as if he had done this for numerous times. But it was rare for Georgia and Brianna as they had never seen this aspect of Ernest over the past decades. Georgia was shocked and then nodded her head in satisfaction, “Good, Ernest starts to take care of others now

” She paused with a flushed face and then pretended to be shy and gave an affectionate glance to Ernest. “Now I’m injured, I haven’t expected that it would have such a benefit. The situation is reversed now and now it’s Ernest’s turn to scoop soup for me

. But I can blow the soup by myself, sincerely. ” When speaking, Florence reached out towards Ernest. There were some slight scratches on the back but they were not that serious. However, Ernest dodged her hand and steadily put the bowl of soup in front of her. He said in a deep yet overbearing voice, “You just need to drink the soup with the spoon. ”It was like he was afraid that it would make Florence feel tired to hold the ‘heavy bowl of soup’. What a public display of affection!Charlotte gazed at Ernest and Florence and felt breathless. She had used various means to separate them, but why were they still so intimate with each other? And why was their relationship enhanced?The meal came to a satisfactory termination. Florence had been on tenterhooks during the whole meal because this was the first time that Ernest had taken care of her carefully. He picked up food for her and cut the beefsteak for her. He had done everything for her except feeding her. Florence felt uneasy, but as their seniors were all present, she thought that Ernest did these as a PDA to reassure his grandma and she could only cooperate with him. The meal finally came to an end. Florence didn’t dare to continue to show affection with Ernest any longer and found an excuse, saying that she was tired, and went back to the bedroom. Charlotte was supposed to come back home together with her parents, but she said that her sister was injured and she wanted to stay here to take care of her. Standing beside the windows of her bedroom, Florence could see the whole entrance of the villa. When seeing that her foster parents, Georgia and Brianna all had gotten on the car, she felt assured. She slightly heaved a sigh of relief and prayed inwardly that their seniors would not come to visit them again because it was really tiring to act the show. Florence stood by the windows for a more while and then hobbled towards the cloakroom. She took a set of pajamas and then walked unevenly towards the bathroom. When she was about to reach the bathroom, the door of the bedroom was opened from the outside. As expected, it was Ernest. Ernest pulled a long face when seeing her standing with only one foot on the ground and strode towards her. “Why are you walking by yourself? Aren’t your legs aching?”The moment he finished the words, he had walked to Florence and held her up from the ground. He lowered his head and said in a low voice when seeing the pajamas in her arms, “You want to take a bath?”