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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 515: Teased

Along the way, she racked her brains to think about words to persuade Victoria and Alexander to agree with it. However, she did not expect the outcome. When Victoria heard the incident, her first reaction was to approach her with a concerned look and held her hands tightly. Victoria checked her from top to bottom to make sure that she was okay. “Flory, are you frightened? Have anyone seen anything?” As her spoke, Victoria’s eyes showed a terrifying and cruel look, “If anyone sees it, I’ll dig out his eyes. ” This statement was not a joke, she would really do so. Florence was slightly surprised, but she was not scared when she saw the look in Victoria’s eyes. All she felt was warmth from her parents. Victoria had always been like this. She always prioritized her and protect her unconditionally. Even with regard to such a big matter related to the relationship between the Turner and Fraser family… Florence’s eyes were slightly red because she felt a little guilty and apologetic towards her parents. If she could, she really wished that she didn’t need to lie to Victoria. Florence shook her head, “No one saw anything, I’m fine. It’s just that I was shocked and a little frightened at that time. ” “Benjamin, that bastard, how dare he did such a frenzy thing to you. Fortunately, you are fine, otherwise I would have killed him. ” “I wouldn’t let him go so easily even though you’re fine. I will call Theodore tomorrow and ask him to give me an explanation!” Alexander spoke angrily, his expression was very stern. Florence was the family’s precious little princess. If she was simply molested by other men, they wouldn’t let him go so easily by just giving them an ambiguous excuse. Florence looked at her own parents in surprise. She did not expect their reaction to be so serious. Furthermore, she didn’t expect that her parents would not only expel Benjamin from the Fraser family, but they were actually planning to go to the Turner family to ask for an explanation. Deep in Florence’s heart, she was happy, but she was still a little worried, “Dad, Mom, will this affect the relationship between us and the Turner family? It won’t be good if it will cause any loss of profit to our family. I’m fine, I can forget about this. ” “Don’t worry, our family has a big and strong business. We don’t have to suffer this kind of bully,” said Alexander fiercely. His expression showed how angry he was, as if he would really tear Benjamin apart. Florence’s heart was constantly touched by her parents’ reactions. They were her biological parents, who would always be to first one to protect her and love her wholeheartedly. Florence chatted with her parents for a while. Victoria knew that she was tired already, so she let her go to bed earlier. With the consent of her parents, Benjamins’ s affairs had a satisfying outcome on how to deal with him and this made Florence felt relieved. However, she looked towards her own yard and her expression turned dark and gloomy. She felt a little bit down. When she left, there was still the person she missed staying in the house, but now when she returned, he should have left

As he heard this, Clarence was slightly surprised and a little disappointed. Now, his fun of teasing her was gone. Thinking of his status in future, he started to feel pity about himself

. Nevertheless, he was a person who would make the best use of what he had. He leaned lazily, pointed the drinks counter beside him and spoke to Florence like he was the boss, “Make me a cup of coffee. Add some milk and no sugar. ”Florence looked at Clarence in surprise. She pursed her lips and said, “Do it yourself. ”She could see that the package of coffee bean on the table was opened, and the cup and water were already in place. Before she came, Clarence must be making the coffee by himself. Now that she was here, he was ordering her to finish what was half-done by him?Obviously, he was trying to torture her on purpose. Florence quickly walked towards her room and said, “Take your time, I’ll sleep first. By the way, you might suffer to fall asleep if you drink the coffee now. Don’t forget that you need to wake up early tomorrow. ”Clarence remained his posture by leaning there lazily. He raised his hand wrapped in gauze and glanced at it. He said playfully, “This bandage is a fake wound made by a professional guy. No one will know that it is fake even when a doctor examines it. This wound is bandaged in a very different way from how we do it. However, it’s only drawback is that it can’t come in contact with water. ”Florence’s footsteps stopped suddenly. The corners of her mouth twitched. She turned her head around in astonishment and looked at the gauze on Clarence’s hand unbelievably. “Is it true?”“Of course, it is. ” Clarence said with a determined face. Florence frowned and said, “Then how are you going to take a shower?”This dressing might last for two to three days, but it was impossible for Clarence to stop washing himself for two to three days. An embarrassed look flashed across his face. He really hadn’t thought about it. It was true that women were very detailed creatures. He said stiffly, “I will avoid water when I take a shower. ”Would it be convenient? Would it be clean enough?Florence looked at him doubtfully. Clarence pursed his lips. The embarrassed expression on his face changed into a playful smile. He sneered, “If you are really worried, you can help me to wash