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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 374: Thank You

Stanford walked over, patting his father on the shoulder. With a smile, he said with a sob, “Dad, I’ve fulfilled my mission and brought the younger sister back home. ” From now on, their family of four was complete. In the future, whenever there would be a holiday, they wouldn’t spend it in sadness. His mother didn’t have to hide in the bedroom, weeping and suffering insomnia. The man nodded with joy. “Stanny, thanks for your hard work. ” Stanford’s expression changed on his handsome face. He emphasized, “Dad, how many times I’ve told you? I’m grown up. Please stop calling me Stanny. ” “All right. All right. I won’t call you that way. ” The man seemed to be in an extremely good mood. Reaching out, he put his hand on Stanford’s shoulder as if they were good buddies. “Stanny, later, do tell me what has happened in China exactly. So I can know Flory better. ” Stanford was speechless. Only if his father stopped calling him Stanny that he was willing to chat with him peacefully. After weeping for a long time, the woman finally calmed down. Wiping off her tears, she looked a bit embarrassed. “Look at me. I’m so excited to meet you, so I was. ” Florence’s eyes were reddened. After the embrace, she felt more attached to this woman, whom she liked at the first sight. With a smile, Florence shook her head. “It’s alright. like it very much. ” She sounded a bit awkward, blushing slightly. The woman was extremely delighted. After all, Florence was her daughter. They felt close to each other so naturally. Besides, she looked so adorable when blushing. Joyfully, she pulled Florence’s hand and said gently, “Flory, you don’t know our names, do you?” Florence didn’t know their names indeed. On the way, Stanford didn’t tell her. She shook her head. “My name is Victoria Wilson. ” Victoria pulled Florence and looked over at the tall and strong man aside. “And your Dad’s name is. ” “I’m Alexander Fraser,” Alexander immediately tossed Stanford away and chimed in with a smile. Looking at Florence with family affection as if his eyes were filled with honey, he said, “Flory, if you can’t remember my name, I’ll write it to you later. ” Stanford’s mouth twitched. He looked at his father disdainfully

“Flory, let’s meet your uncles. ” The Fraser family was isolated but quite huge, with complicated powers and interests. Since Florence would stay here from now on as the only daughter of the family, they should introduce her officially when she came back

. So that all those people here could recognize Florence and be respectful to her. Watching her parents fight, Florence felt quite amazed. She relaxed a lot secretly from the panic in such an unknown environment. She smiled and nodded in agreement. “Sure. ” She was so obedient and gentle. Florence’s behaviors matched perfectly with Victoria’s imagination of her daughter. The more she looked at Florence, the more she liked her daughter who was found back. Complacently, she took Florence’s hand and walked forward. The Fraser family members who had been waiting for so long and watched the reunion fun also witnessed how much their master and hostess cared about their daughter - as precious as a treasure. Hence, they decided to treat Florence more respectfully. A group of members walked over with fawning smiles. Originally, Stanford would introduce those people’s identities to Florence one after another, but Victoria took over the task. She introduced each of them to Florence carefully and impatiently. Florence called them one after another, different feelings surging in her heart. It turned out those were all her relatives that were blood-related to her. She had been an orphan for so many years, but now she had so many relatives. She was so happy. After the brief introduction, Florence was led into the villa at the hillside. Passing through a lot of villas, she finally reached the highest, the innermost, and the most luxurious villa. It was the house of Alexander and Victoria, which would also become Florence’s house in the future. Looking at the unfamiliar villa, Florence felt as if she had the place where she belonged because she had her family in here. “Flory, I heard that you like the warm colors, so I decorated your room in pink. Let’s see if you like it or not. If not, I’ll ask them to change it for you. ”Victoria was a bit nervous, pulling Florence into her bedroom. It was a huge bedroom, three times bigger than Florence’s room in Stanford’s villa of City N. There was almost everything needed in the room. The decoration color was pink as the princess’ room. It was luxurious and fancy. Florence indeed favored the warm colors, but pink was too extreme in this room, which contained all kinds of pink that belonged to the princess. Although she didn’t like it much, she could tell how loving her mother was. Her mother wanted to give her the best in the world. Florence had never had such a feeling from her foster mother before, but she used to envy that Charlotte was treated by her foster mother in this way. Looking at Victoria’s expectant look, Florence nodded with a smile. “I like it very much. Thank you. ”