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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 139: Thank You, Ernest

Although Anthony was kidding with her, he remained quite professional. Skillfully, he designed styling for Florence that suited her very well. In almost two hours, Florence had done with styling. Florence had maroon curly hair, looking generous and stylish. She was wearing a simple-designed skirt, making her look capable and elegant, emanating a noble temperament. Florence was always satisfied with Anthony in terms of styling. After thanking him, she walked out of the styling room. As soon as she walked out, unexpectedly she saw Ernest sitting on the sofa. He was reading a newspaper in his hands leisurely, seemingly waiting for her. She didn’t expect that he would follow her over and he would be busy with his work already. Hearing the noises, Ernest switched his gaze from the newspaper and let it fall on Florence. Looking at her up and down, he nodded. He generously complimented her, “You look pretty originally. Now you’ve made the dress more beautiful. ” Florence was taken aback, wondering if he meant the outfit was average and he was praising her. Everyone would be pleased by the compliments from others. Moreover, it was Ernest who praised her. Florence felt that her heart was with a pair of wings, flying upward. When Anthony walked out, he heard Ernest’s compliment. Instantly, his mouth corners twitched. He had picked up the outfit carefully, which was undoubtedly pretty. However, Ernest meant the outfit was ugly and it all replied on Florence who made it beautiful. He clicked his tongue . sure enough, beauty was in the eye of the beholder. Anthony was the chief designer for Florence, so he was in charge of all the arrangements. Hence, Florence would go to her first fashion show with Anthony together. However, when they were walking out of the lobby of the company, Florence looked at the tall and strong man walking by her side. “Excuse me, Mr. Hawkins. Are you also coming with us?” Anthony was the vice-president of the company, and Ernest was the CEO who was more superior. Florence didn’t think the fashion show was so important that both of them needed to attend. Ernest nodded. He answered naturally, “Yeah. ” Florence looked at him in a daze, wondering if he went there with the identity as the CEO of the company or as her fiancé in the name. Seemingly he had read Florence’s mind, Ernest bent over a bit and his think lips attached to Florence’s ear. In a deep and ambiguous tone to seduce her, he said, “I’ll be there as your backer. ” Florence’s ears were suddenly reddened deeply

Florence held his hand back, although it was a gentle touch. However, Ernest felt that there was a fire set in his heart, which was burning in such a fervor that had never appeared before. “Excuse me, Ms

. Fraser. You should go out on the stage now. ” At this moment, a staff came over to inform Florence to go on the stage. Without thinking, he pushed the door open as usual, but unexpectedly he witnessed a shocking scene that made him agape. The CEO, Ernest Hawkins, was standing with Florence hand-in-hand. They were staring at each other affectionately, seemingly they were going to kiss at any time. He had never heard any gossip about Mr. Hawkins’ private life. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be. “I, I’m sorry. I didn’t see anything. ” The staff covered his eyes and walked out of the room in a hurry. He didn’t know what the relationship was between Ernest and Florence. He guessed that Florence was just the CEO’s plaything. Since he had seen such a private scene, he was afraid that he would be banned in this industry. Although the staff came in and left within only a few seconds, the romantic atmosphere in this room was destroyed. Florence smiled and withdrew her hand from Ernest’s palm. “I’m going on the stage then. ”Feeling the emptiness in his hand, Ernest felt uncomfortable for some reason. Staring at her, he nodded seriously. Ernest’s gaze was so dark and hot, making her heart skip a beat. At the same time, Florence felt secured. As long as he was here, she could bring into full play. After calming herself down, Florence straightened her back and walked to the front stage with a smile. Today was the first day that she was raising after being self-effacing for so many years. It was a break-over of her lifetime and the peak of her career. On the runway, the host announced in a passionate voice, “Next, let’s welcome the designer of ‘Dreamlike Love’, Florence Fraser!”With the applause, all the lights on the scene were turned off except for a bright spotlight focusing on Florence. Clenching her palms, she could feel the gaze at her back. With a smile on her face, she walked forward gracefully. She walked elegantly with a noble manner. She was so pretty as if she was a royal princess, so dazzling that everyone’s gaze was glued on her.