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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 59: That They Slept Together Again

From Cooper’s angle, he could see a tall and strong man holding a petite lady in his embrace and kissing her. He couldn’t see their faces but felt a connection when he saw them. They must be a loving couple. Cooper thought for a while and looked away. He then walked quickly to the restroom. The person left for a while before Ernest released Florence’s lips. He looked at her with fire in his eyes and suppressed his feelings. After regaining her freedom, she felt totally weak and tried her best to stand. She was feeling extremely flustered. Was she drunk? She must be drunk. Otherwise, how could she not be able to stand just after a kiss from Ernest? The fire of lust within him raged even more intense when her soft body clung to his. “I’ll take you to a place. ” His voice was so attractive. He extended his hand and carried her in his arms and walked quickly towards the lift. Florence grabbed his neck as she felt her feet leave the ground. At this moment, their faces almost touched as if she was going to kiss him. Florence was even more flustered and quickly looked away. “Where are you taking me?” “A nice place. ” Ernest pursed his lips and grinned. Florence detected this and her large eyes were shocked. She had never seen such an attractive and mesmerizing grin. This must be the first time she saw Ernest smile. So, this serious man knew how to smile after all. Florence’s heart was racing and her mind was filled with this man and she forgot about having to go back to the private dining room. Ernest brought Florence to the hotel’s rooftop. As they arrived at the rooftop, a cool breeze blew over and Florence felt very comfortable and relaxed. Although there were no hotel operations on the rooftop, it had been previously landscaped and the environment looked rather decent. There was a large ottoman sofa among the flowers. Florence’s body was soft and tender. She immediately lay comfortably and looked at the flowery surroundings and the sky. She was enjoying the moment

She pretended as if nothing happened and continued to lay down on him. She drank a fair bit of wine and could blame it on the wine. Ernest’s gaze fixated on Florence and saw her changing expression and could guess what she was thinking about

. He didn’t expose her thoughts but his grin was becoming wider. Why was this woman getting increasingly attractive? Looking at the stars in the sky, Florence began to think. If only this month could pass slowly, slowly by just a bid… Florence didn’t know when she fell asleep but by the time she woke up, she saw a white ceiling and… the man beside her! His eyes were closed and his thick eyelashes were flickering. His elegant presence made him look so tranquil and peaceful. He looked like a very handsome and ordinary man. Florence became dazed as she looked at him. If he was an ordinary man, she would dare to get closer to him. But…They were clearly incompatible but why were they sleeping on the same bed? Florence almost lost her mind. She quickly got out of bed carefully, wore her clothes, and left. Ernest’s eyes slowly opened as the door closed. He looked towards the door and a hint of ridicule sparkled in his eyes. Florence ran off in a hurry but she could not control her heartbeat. Her mind was full of what happened yesterday morning and night. Were she and Ernest being too intimate?Back in her room, Florence took a while before she could compose her feelings. After taking out her phone, she saw that there were many missed calls and most of them were from Cooper. Some were unknown callers. She turned the phone to silent during the celebration party and didn’t notice the calls the entire night. She thought that Cooper must be worried about her whereabouts last night and she quickly returned his call. As soon as the call went through, Cooper’s anxious voice could be heard, “Florence, are you alright? I didn’t see you the entire night. ”“I’m fine…” Florence was thinking of a reason for her disappearance last night but Cooper anxiously interrupted her. “Where are you? I’ll look for you now. ”“At the hotel room. ” The call ended and there was knocking on the door after several minutes. Florence smiled as she thought about how fast Cooper moved. “Coming…” She said as she opened the door. Before she could finish saying, Cooper barged in and hugged her tightly in his arms