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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 435: The Astonishment

Florence walked to the man and offered her hand politely. “It turned out we are all friends. Mister, I’m Phoebe’s bestie. You are also my cousin, then. ” Subconsciously, she didn’t want to call him Clarence, which sounded like a fake name. Clarence reached out his hand gentlemanly, shaking hands with Florence. However, he suddenly tightened his fingers and wrapped Florence’s hand in his palm completely, naturally pulled her closer to him. He lowered his head slightly and said in a deep and ambiguous tone, “Whatever you like. ” His flirt made Florence’s heart hammer. This man was. With a blushed face, she shook his hand off, but she felt overjoyed as if a flow was blossoming in her chest. She was quite certain that he was Ernest. Although she didn’t know what happened to his face so it looked so different, Florence felt that her empty heart had been filled as he came to see her in such a method. It turned out that he had never wanted to give up on her. Noticing that his sister and Clarence were looking at each other so affectionately, Stanford felt so awkward and uncomfortable. Although the purpose of holding a banquet tonight was to let Florence make more friends with other excellent men, and Stanford wished that she could have a crush on one of them, he had never expected that she would have a crush on a man so soon and seemed that she had fallen in love with him so deeply. It was less than half an hour when they met. Stanford couldn’t believe that the man had almost won his sister’s heart already. They didn’t know the man’s background and personality at all. “The banquet is still going on. It’s not proper for us to stay here. Let’s go into the hall,” Stanford suggested. As he spoke, he walked over to Florence, aiming to pull her. However, when he reached his hand, a small hand was put in his palm. Feeling the soft and tender skin, Stanford stiffed suddenly. Phoebe stood in front of him and said with a bright smile, “Mr. Fraser, you’ve taken me from City N thousands of miles away from here. I’m so tired. Besides, I dressed up and put on delicate makeup purposely. You should invite me for a dance no matter what so that my effort won’t be in vain. ” Her words implied that Stanford had owed her a big favor. Stanford’s mouth corners twitched. As a wise and decisive man, looking at the woman’s cunning smile, he couldn’t utter any word to retort her at all. Florence inwardly praised Phoebe. Since Phoebe could pull Stanford away for a dance, the chance that she could be with Clarence alone would occur. She had a lot to talk to Clarence

” Alexander shook his head, looking a bit worried. “Has anything happened to them?”They held this banquet to celebrate his birthday nominally, but it was held for Florence purposely. Even if she was too down to participate, Stanford would keep an eye on her and let her stay

. However, both their kids had disappeared from the hall. They couldn’t help but get worried. Victoria frowned. She asked, “Shall we send someone to look for them? I feel quite uneasy. ”“Okay. I’ll send someone,” Alexander agreed with his wife immediately. He waved his hand at the bodyguards and wanted them to look for their children. Right then, an uproar was raised in the banquet hall. All the guests looked over at the dance floor. “Wow, they were so good at dancing!”“Who are they? Are they lovers? When the two couples appeared, others' dances looked less attractive. ”“Look, that girl’s dress. She was the one who danced the opening dance earlier. Is she the daughter of the Fraser family, Florence Fraser?”People’s exclaims and discussions attracted the Fraser couple’s attention. Alexander and Victoria immediately looked over at the dance floor, only to find Florence and Stanford were dancing with their partners. Stanford was dancing with a woman in a red dress, passionately and enthusiastically. They moved quite fast, so stunning. However, Florence was dancing with another man relatively slowly and gently. Their steps were flowing charmingly. The atmosphere between Florence and her partner was full of ambiguity and romance. Looking at them, the onlookers felt as if they were watching a romance pantomime, quite touched. The Fraser couple was astonished by the two dancing couples. Alexander took several glances at the woman who was dancing with Stanford. He looked as if the sun rose from the west. “Who’s that girl? We should ask her to come over and get to know her later. It’s been so many years. This is the first time I see him dancing with a woman so harmoniously. ”Alexander couldn’t help but smile so delightfully. Suddenly, he had a hunch that he would soon meet his future daughter-in-law. However, Victoria stared at Florence, looking at Clarence up and down sharply. “Who is this man? I haven’t met him before, have I? Why is he dancing with Flory? Look at their atmosphere. It’s quite different. ”