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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 341: The Correct Way to Sending Her to Bed

After going back from shopping, Florence was unwilling to go out again. This villa had everything, just as Stanford had told her. They had all staff from different services. Hence, Stanford failed to find a reason that could make Florence go out at all. However, if Florence kept staying home all day long, she wouldn’t become happy. Moreover, Collin found something terrible. When he told Stanford about it, the latter smacked his hand on the table in front. “What did you say? Has Flory not slept for many days?” “When I checked her up, the data told me so. Even if she slept, she might only sleep for a moment and she probably didn’t fall asleep at all. ” Collin frowned. He was worried that if Florence went on in this way, she would become weaker and weaker. Sooner or later, she would be quite sick. Besides, the members of the Fraser family had a quite special health problem. They couldn’t get sick at all. Once it happened. “I’ll go to talk to her. ” Stanford stood up suddenly, striding over to Florence’s bedroom. Florence was his younger sister and already more than twenty-year-old. In the evening, Stanford, a gentleman, wouldn’t go to her room at night. However, he hadn’t expected that Florence was abusing herself when he didn’t notice it. Even if she didn’t care about herself, he cared about her. “Click. ” Stanford directly opened the door of Florence’s room. When he walked in, he saw the room brightly lit and Florence drawing with a pen in front of the desk. Unfinished design drafts had covered the desk and the floor. In the past few days, she had been drawing during the daytime, designing. Now she even didn’t stop at night. She stayed up overnight. She had been doing it for so many days. Noticing the noise at the door, Florence paused her pen and looked up. “Why are you here?” “If I didn’t come over, would you not sleep again tonight?” Stanford walked directly to Florence and snatched the pen from her hand. Florence was startled. “What are you doing? I haven’t finished drawing yet. ” “Leave it to tomorrow. Now you must go to bed. ” His attitude was extremely determined, which had never been shown to her before. Florence was quite surprised. She didn’t expect Stanford would be like this. She gaped at him for a long while. This was the first time that Stanford had been so domineering to her. She wasn’t irritated by him, though. She just couldn’t tell how she was feeling now

Florence noticed that he had just looked in his cell phone in a short time, but he had found the story from a hypnotist. She couldn’t help but think that he was quite considerate and also accepted his kindness. Instead of refusing him, she closed her eyes obediently

. Stanford switched off the light in her room, leaving only the dim wall lamp that was comfortable to the eyes. Holding his cell phone, he read word by word in his clear and gentle tone. His speed was appropriate and he deliberately lowered his voice, which was full of tenderness. It sounded like a calm brook that could calm her down gradually. Florence couldn’t help but think that Stanford was quite suitable to become a hypnotist. The story he was telling wasn’t boring at all. Florence found it quite interesting. As she listened to it, she was fully attracted. Under Stanford’s slow and gentle voice, she unconsciously fell asleep. It was the longest and surest sleep that Florence had in these days. She even didn’t dream at all, so she didn’t feel suffocated in the dream again. When she opened her eyes, she had recovered both physically and mentally. It was quite bright outside the window. Stanford wasn’t sitting next to her bed. Florence even didn’t know when he had left her room last night. She guessed that he must have tiptoed out without waking her up. After tidying herself up, Florence went downstairs for breakfast as usual. In the dining room, both Stanford and Collin were sitting at the table. After what had happened during the first breakfast, Stanford had taken the chair next to Florence as his seat every day. Florence had been used to it. “Good morning, Flory. You are awake. Did you have a good sleep last night?”Stanford looked at Florence tenderly, his handsome face full of smiles. However, Florence noticed that his voice sounded quite hoarse. She was surprised. She asked worriedly, “What happened to your voice?”“I just got a cold. ”Stanford waved his hand in awkward. Then he stood up and pulled the chair next to him for Florence. “Come and sit down. ”He was quite well yesterday, but this morning he got a cold. It seemed the cold was quite serious and his voice became hoarse. Florence frowned slightly. “Did you catch a cold in my room last night?”“Nope. It has nothing to do with you,” Stanford immediately denied, even faster, making Florence more confused. She sensed something wrong. Looking at him solemnly, she asked, “What on earth happened? Tell me the truth, please. ”