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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 623: The Final Judgement

Unlike the Fraser family, the Turner family was much more complicated with a group of elders so Theodore couldn’t make the final decision alone. On the contrary, the Fraser family was controlled completely by Alexander Fraser and his family who made the rules. Stanford was only the young master of the Fraser family at the present who didn’t take over the power yet, but the Fraser family was an extremely united family. What’s more, the Alexander couple loved Florence more than Stanford did. Now Florence was involved in this matter, so the Alexander couple definitely wouldn’t have objections if Stanford determined to turn against the Turner family. If the Fraser family became an enemy, the Turner family would be faced with a tragic situation and loss which were beyond imagination. A few elders couldn’t keep calm anymore. They walked to Theodore with grave faces and whispered, “Patriarch, we absolutely can’t break with the Fraser family. Our future generations, if they get sick, must rely on the Fraser family’s daughters help. ” “Yes, from our ancestors’ time, our Turner family have had close connections with the Fraser family. Once we break with each other, both families would be hurt greatly!” “No matter it’s for the sake of ourselves or our future generations, we can’t put a drag on the Turner family because of Benjamin. ” “Yes. The family rules state that we must put the family’s interest first, and to this end, any individuals can be punished or abandoned. ” The elders spoke one by one, getting more and more determined. To them, Benjamin was nothing compared to the Turner family’s long-term benefit. Theodore put on a grave face and drew his brows together deeply. He pressed his thin lips, expressing no agreement or disagreement. Seeing what happened, the elder with silver hair became anxious and turned to Theodore, “Patriarch, in the family’s conference, it was agreed with a full vote to abolish Ernest Hawkins’ right of inheritance and replace him with Benjamin. If we give upon our confirmed heir just because of the Fraser family’s threat, what does that make the lot of us? How can we stand on the top of the world?” One of the other elders stood out with disagreement and scolded, “What? You want to see the Turner family and the Fraser family become mutual enemy, making our future generations in danger, and bringing huge loss and great recession to our economy? If that happens, there’ll be less chance for us to stand on the top of the world. ” Most of the other elders stood behind his back to show their support. The elder with silver hair had been the favored one, but now he was left alone. His face was twisted, looking fierce. Seeing what happened, Benjamin was almost fainted and was at the brink of breaking down. With his lips trembling, he tried to speak to help himself, but another harsh voice arose. An elder said, “As we all know, Mr. Fraser is the representative of the Fraser family and stands by his word, so he has no reason to frame Benjamin

He couldn’t afford to turn against the Fraser family. Theodore took a deep breath, and he became more serious as if he were ten years older in a second. He uttered word by word through clenched teeth, “Benjamin Turner made a big mistake, so he is no longer the heir of the Turner family

. He will be dealt with by the Fraser family at their will. The Turner family have no objections to whatever they do to him and accept whatever result. ” Hearing the announcement, Benjamin instantly widened his eyes so much that his eyes seemed to break. He was blinded with scare and almost collapsed. The Turner family was his last hope. If the Turner family gave up on him, he absolutely would die, and he would never have the chance to take revenge. All he had done for the Turner family in the past years were gone. Everything he had done was taken away by others. Theodore took his grave eyes away from Benjamin. He hesitated for a while and then turned to Ernest. He said in a deep voice, “Now that you are innocent, you should be the heir of the Turner family. ”The fact that Ernest had pretended to be Clarence didn’t matter anymore at this moment. What mattered was that Ernest gained strong support from the Fraser family, so he was truly qualified to be the heir of the Turner family. Even though Theodore was not satisfied with the result, he was unable to change the fact. Ernest was not surprised at the result. He stood there upright, giving a composed and indifferent air. He didn’t care the Turner family, but he didn’t allow them to abolish his rights and destroy him. Benjamin lost his last hope. Ernest became the heir of the Turner family again!At the end, the Turner family was controlled by Ernest. He fought for it so long, but he finally lost. The power he desired most was taken over by Ernest. Why?Why did he lose everything, but Ernest won it all?He couldn’t accept it!Benjamin stared at Ernest with hatred and shouted madly, “Ernest Hawkins is not qualified to be the heir of the Turner family! He can’t have children!”