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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 414: The Gift

Florence went back to her room and called over Tammy. Without giving up, she asked, “Tammy, my brother isn’t home in recent two days. Do you know what he’s busy with?” Tammy shook her head. “What Young Master is busy with should be the business outside the family. I’m just a maid in this villa. I don’t know anything. ” It was the answer that Florence had expected. Feeling helpless, she could only nod and let Tammy leave her room. However, she became more and more and uneasy. Ernest suddenly had become so busy, and the time just matched with the time when Stanford couldn’t come home. Besides, Victoria seemed to be hiding something from her. Comparing the three matters together, Florence believed that they had something to do with each other. However, none of them wanted to tell her. The more she thought, the more uneasy and annoyed Florence became. For a whole day today, Ernest had limited time to interact with her. Florence was so depressed. When the evening came, she didn’t hope that Ernest would come to see her again. Unhappily, she took a shower, put on her pajamas, and lay down on the bed. Feeling bored, she browsed through the websites while checking the time, waiting for Ernest’s “goodnight” message. However, at eleven o’clock, she didn’t receive the message as usual. Looking at the message box, Florence turned pale gradually, feeling flustered. She comforted herself that it was probably because he was way too busy, so he couldn’t send it on time. Hence, she kept waiting. However, it was ten past eleven, but no new message came in. It seemed that he wouldn’t send her a goodnight tonight. Florence’s heart kept sinking as if it was pulled down by an invisible hand. She felt drowned. All her worry in the past two days rushed to her. She couldn’t help recalling about the mattes that he was hiding from her, his ignoring and cold, and his perfunctory to hang up the phone when she called. Florence kept thinking about Tammy’s words. “Most men abandon the old for the new. They are fond of the novelty. Mr. Hawkins has been after you all the time probably it’s just because of his persistence. For a superior man like him, he wouldn’t be reluctant if he hasn’t gained your heart yet. “However, after he has achieved his goal, his persistence would naturally be gone. ” Florence hadn’t believed her. However, when she thought about them now, she felt extremely upset. She even wondered pessimistically if Tammy had hit the nail - Ernest had less interest in her. “Click. ” She suddenly heard a light sound. The closed window was pulled open from the outside

Florence felt quite depressed, feeling so sorry for him. It wasn’t until now did she realize that Ernest was truly super busy in the past few days. He even nearly hadn’t got time to sleep

. However, she was making wild guesses about him unreasonably. Suddenly, Florence felt herself not a good girlfriend for him. She even didn’t have the mood to ask him for an explanation. She touched Ernest’s eyes with concern. Then she said in a soft tone, “You’ve been so hardworking. Come on. Go to bed. ” As she spoke, Florence moved inside a bit, leaving Ernest a large space. Ernest looked at her, reached out, and pulled her over into his arms. He said in a low voice, “I don’t need a large space, as long as you are here. ”In the familiar embrace, hearing his ambiguous voice, Florence was melted as if she had been electrified. Unable to resist, she had to lie down with Ernest in his arms. Her head on his arm, feeling his scent, Florence felt her heart become extremely softened and peaceful. All her irritation and worry vanished because of his visit. Florence couldn’t help but laugh at herself - she was so crazy in love that she had been speculating and worrying about gains and losses. What would happen if it went on like this?Lost in her annoyed and sweet thought, Florence subconsciously wrapped around Ernest’s waist with her arms, holding him and feeling his existence in reality. Ernest’s palms reached down. He grabbed her arms and pulled them upward. Florence wondered what he was doing. She looked at Ernest in confusion. Then she saw that he put a sparkling bracelet on her wrist. He said, “Florence, this is the gift for you. ”She just said that at random that day, but she didn’t expect that he had brought her the gift. Florence felt so sweet as if her mouth was stuffed with candy. Looking at the bracelet happily, Florence wondered what material it was made from. It was sparkling, quite beautiful. The design was delicate as well - the pendant was round and engraved with two magnolias in a union. She also found the abbreviations of her name and Ernest’s. “How beautiful,” Florence said, her smile becoming brighter and more charming. Ernest glinted at her, his big palm holding her wrist. He said in a deep and sexy voice with an overbearing manner, “You need to wear it every day. Don’t take it off. ”Florence subconsciously asked, “How about when I bathe. ”“You can’t take it off, anyway. ”Ernest smiled confidently. Florence was taken aback. She studied this bracelet again carefully, only to find that there was no button to untie the bracelet at all. But just now, she saw him button it for her so the bracelet fitted her so well. “How did you do it? Where is the button? Why can’t I find it?”She couldn’t help asking Ernest three questions in a row, extremely surprised