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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 432: The Jealousy

Upon hearing it, Benjamin didn’t feel upset at all. With the same graceful smile on his face, he walked up and pulled Florence’s hand to wrap around his waist. He approached her and whispered in her ears, “Flory, I’m willing to do anything for you. ” Florence frowned in disgust, disliking Benjamin more and more. Gritting her teeth, although she wasn’t quite unwilling, she followed his pace to dance. The opening dance started. With the beautiful melody, all people in the hall were watching them. Some whispered to each other to discuss. “They were so good at dancing. ” “I’m sure this young lady is Miss Fraser. Usually, she will dance the opening dance. But this mister seems not to be Mr. Fraser. I wonder who he is. ” “I guess he must be Miss Fraser’s boyfriend or fiance. ” Upon hearing the discussions, a man suddenly looked quite annoyed. The goblet in his hand was cracked instantly. He gazed at the two who were dancing, emanating an extremely frightening low pressure. It was so dangerous and thrilling. Right then, a woman reached out her slender hand and pressed his arm. She whispered, “Calm down. She should be forced by the circumstance. ” “Ho. ” The man dodged her hand, raising his glass, and gulped down the wine. His hoarse voice was full of the domineering manner, “It seems that she enjoys herself a lot when I’m not here. It’s time to teach her a good lesson. ” Then he put down the empty goblet on a waiter’s tray and strode away. Meanwhile, the goblet on the tray was cracked into pieces, “Pak!” The woman looked quite stunned, “His glass was already broken. How did he drink up the wine just now?” The waiter shook his head in confusion. He was also quite curious. He was astonished by the man’s powerful hand and control force. Florence had to dance with Benjamin forcibly and helplessly. Her dancing was perfunctory and awkward. However, Benjamin was quite skilled in dance. Although his partner was dancing reluctantly, he could still make the dance vividly, making others think they were in love and enjoying it. As they dance, Benjamin stared at Florence and asked, “Flory, do you know what our dance means?” “What?” Florence asked casually. All she wanted was to complete the dance and distance herself away from him

With a silver mask that had hidden almost all his face, he only had his sexy thin lips and chin exposed in the air. Judging from them, Florence could guess that he must be a handsome guy. However, he acted like a typical rascal

. He put his palms around her waist unrestrainedly, even pinching it neither rudely nor gently. His tone was playful, “Miss, would you like to dance with me please?” If he wanted to ask her for a dance, he shouldn’t have pressed her onto the wall. He was also taking advantage of her. Florence tightened her body and glared at him in anger. She snapped, stressing each syllable, “FUCK OFF!” “Why? Aren’t you willing to dance with me?” The man’s fingers moved upwards from her arm all the way to her chin. Suddenly, his knuckled fingers pinched Florence’s chin. He said in a deep and overbearing tone, “Are you only willing to dance with the man just now?”His joking voice had a slight trace of jealousy. Florence had never expected to encounter a rude man in the Fraser family’s villa. Her chest heaved up and down in anger. She glared at him fiercely and threatened him, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Florence Fraser, the little miss of the Fraser family. You’d better let go of me. Otherwise, you can’t blame me to make you regret it. ”Florence had thought that the man would release her right away upon knowing who she was and run away. Much to her surprise, he wasn’t scared at all. Instead, he kept stroking her chin. With a playful arc on his thin lips, he chuckled and said, “If I don’t let you go, what you’ll do to make me regret it?”“You! I. ”Florence hadn’t considered this problem. She only knew that the Fraser family was quite powerful, but she didn’t know what means they had to frighten others. She thought for a while and said lamely, “I’ll kill you!”“Ho,” the man laughed. He said carelessly, “Please go ahead. ”His tone was so indifferent as if he wasn’t talking about himself. Florence gaped in surprise. She couldn’t believe how arrogant this man was. Who did he think he was?Less confidently, she warned him, “I’m gonna kill you for real. ”“I don’t think you’ll be reluctant to do that. ”The man suddenly increased the strength to pinch her chin. Raising her face, he sealed her lips with his thin lips. Their lips clung together as if there were some sparks in the air. Florence’s mind went blank. Before she could react, the man pressed the back of her head and deepened his kiss. The familiar scent from him fully occupied her mouth like a poppy instantly. Florence widened her eyes in disbelief. He.