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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 251: The Man Had Changed

Since it was Reynold who accompanied her to enter the store, Florence politely walked to him and showed him the dress. “Mr. Myron, what do you think?” Reynold was sitting on the sofa, waiting for her. Seeing her coming over, he stood up politely. However, when he looked at her, he suddenly paused his action. This was the first time he saw Florence dress up. She looked gorgeous but low-key, neat, and pretty. Her innocence made her like a genie appearing in the human crowd. She looked so beautiful that his breath was even taken away. Reynold could hear his heartbeat so clearly. He had seen a lot of beautiful and enchanting women, but Florence was the only one that made him unable to tear off his gaze on her. His lips parted, uttering a few words gently, “You look gorgeous. ” His straightforward compliment made Florence blushes slightly. In embarrassment, she dodged from his gaze. “I’ll take this one. Let me take it off. ” As she spoke, Florence was about to go back to the fitting room. However, Reynold suddenly stood up, pulling her wrist. Feeling the strange warmth from the man’s palm, Florence was taken aback and uneasy slightly. Reynold was also stunned for a moment. Florence was way too beautiful while standing in front of him. By instinct, he didn’t want her to leave. However, he just grabbed her so suddenly, which was indeed a bit embarrassing. Reynold couldn’t help being annoyed at himself. He used to be quite playful, always fooling around with different beauties. However, in Florence’s presence, he acted so recklessly as a teenager. He immediately released his grip on her and smiled away the awkwardness between them. He said, “I’m also going to the fashion show tomorrow. Shall we go there together?” He stared at her calmly, like an elegant gentleman. If Florence agreed, that meant she would be his date tomorrow. Before knowing Ernest, Florence was from a mid-class family, so she had rarely attended such high-end occasions before. After knowing him, she had attended a few such occasions, in which she was always Ernest’s date. It would be the first time for her to be another man’s date. Florence hesitated a bit. However, facing the gentlemanly invitation from Reynold, she couldn’t say no. Nodding in agreement, she answered, “Okay. ” Reynold, who was nervous, suddenly felt quite relaxed, and there seemed to be firework in his heart. He couldn’t help but getting complacent as well. Ernest acted faster and gave the ticket to Florence, but so what? Reynold believed that he was the ultimate winner -- he would attend the fashion show with Florence in person as her date. The more chances that he could get along with Florence, the more confident Reynold was to kick Ernest away from her. -- Florence was indeed quite serious about this fashion show. On the second day, she got up early and started to dress up

She believed that something must have trapped him. “Are you still waiting for him?”Ernest reminded her in a deep voice, “The fashion show this year is quite grand and their rules are more strict. To avoid the chaos, ten minutes after the gate is closed, no guest would be allowed to go in

. ”The guests couldn’t get in if they were ten minutes late!Didn’t that mean the ticket was useless as well?Florence gaped. Immediately, she checked the time. From the hotel to the fashion show venue, she could still arrive there before the gate was closed. However, now she had wasted twenty minutes. If she rushed over now, she would almost late. If there would be traffic on the way, she definitely couldn’t make it even there would be another ten minutes after the gate was closed. Ernest raised his wrist and checked the time again, looking quite indifferent. “I’m also heading to the fashion show. If you come with me now, you still can make it. If you insist on waiting for him, I’ve got to leave now. ”As soon as he finished his words, the driver started the engine again. It seemed that the car would roar away at any time. Florence’s heart was tightened immediately. Although she was standing in front of a five-star hotel, all the cars coming back and forth were private. It wasn’t that convenient for her to hail a taxi. Besides, she had to walk to the street outside the hotel to hail a cab. In that case, she would waste more time. If she spent more time on it, she would probably miss the fashion show. After hesitating for a few seconds, Florence made up her mind. She walked towards Ernest’s car. “Mr. Hawkins, please give me a ride there. Thank you. ”Ernest pressed his thin lips, a complacent smile flashing through his eyes. However, he still remained a solemn face and nodded nobly. Florence opened the door of the car, got in, and sat next to Ernest. After getting in the car, she found that Ernest dressed up deliberately. His hair was combed carefully. He was in a high-end tailored suit, which fit his body, making his perfect shape more charming. He looked so noble and graceful that Florence almost became obsessed again. She was a bit stunned. Immediately, she straightened herself and sat next to him. Then she nodded politely to Ernest. “Thank you. ”Ernest pressed his lips without speaking. He leaned against the backseat leisurely, closing his eyes. He looked like a nobleman, but not so aloof. However, he didn’t get close to her or look so aggressive.