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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 389: The Man Who Visited

“Move! Move! Little Miss is here,” Tammy trotted up first and shouted to the maids on the handrail, pulling them away. The maids looked at the man in the yard reluctantly and moved away, leaving Florence space. Looking at them who wished that they could have their eyes attached to the handrail, Florence was speechless. She became more curious, wondering who on earth was the man who visited. Pressing her lips, she walked closer to the handrail and looked down at the yard. With one glimpse, she was shocked. She startled. Under all gazes, the man walked into the yard gracefully. Florence saw his slender figure, his overbearing manner that he was born with, and his handsome face that would leave a deep impression. It turned out to be Ernest. Florence had never expected that she could see Ernest here, and nor had she expect that he was the man who intruded in their villa. He came all the way to their villa from thousands of miles away. Florence wondered what he was doing. The shock and confusion fully occupied her heart, making her heart stop beating. Ernest looked straight while walking forward. He didn’t spare any glance at anyone. However, right then, he suddenly raised his head and looked over at the tower. When their eyes met, Florence stiffed instantly. Without thinking about anything, she squatted down. Her heart almost popped out of her chest. She didn’t dare to look at him at all. Deceiving herself, she wanted him to think that she wasn’t here. “Little Miss, what’s wrong?” Tammy asked in confusion while looking at Florence who had squatted down all of a sudden. Florence’s face changed between red and pale. Her mind was in a mess. Shaking her head, she answered, “Nothing. I just felt my legs weakened. ” She squatted down stiffly, looking so uneasy. She wanted to look down, but she didn’t have the guts. She even didn’t know how to face Ernest’s visit. No matter what his reason would be, he came here. Once again, he showed up on the same land where she was and he was so close. Her heart, which she tried her best to calm it down, hammered again. Ernest raised his head, gazing in the direction where the tower was. Although he had just caught a glimpse, he still saw Florence clearly. She was hiding from him again

” After a pause, he added affirmatively, “We’ll never call it off in the future, either. I’ll marry her. I hope I could obtain your permission

. ” Upon hearing his words, all three members of the Fraser family gaped. Ernest broke into their villa so suddenly and directly proposed to marry Florence. To be exact, he was forcing them to agree. They wondered if Florence had known what he was doing. “Even if you haven’t called it off officially, our Fraser family wouldn’t admit it,” said Stanford in anger. He wished to kick out Ernest immediately. Ernest gazed at Alexander and Victoria and said, stressing each syllable, “Florence was grown up in City N. What happened in City N represents her past. Although she has come back to the Fraser family, her past still exists. If you deny her engagement with me, it means that you also deny Florence’s past in City N. “You are her beloved parents. I’m sure you wouldn’t do so. ”His words rendered Florence’s parents speechless. As her parents, they wished that they could know what had happened to Florence in the past. The more detailed the better. They wished to know how she spent every single day, so how would they unwilling to admit her past?Ernest added, “Please trust me. I truly want to marry Florence. I’ll make her happy. ”His promise was affirmative. Victoria noticed Ernest’s look in his eyes, feeling a bit confused. She could see that he wanted to marry her daughter wholeheartedly. However, she was confused. Since Ernest loved Florence, why would they have ended up breaking up in City N?She could tell how much Florence was upset in the past few days, which meant how much she loved Ernest. Her eyes were darkened. She asked, “In that case, why did you let her leave in City N?”A dimmed light flashed through Ernest’s eyes. “She wanted to leave, so I wouldn’t trouble her. ”Victoria became more confuse. Upon his words, she could tell that Ernest spoiled her daughter a lot, and he wasn’t willing to disobey her willingness at all. That meant Ernest should have love Florence deeply. “How about now? Flory doesn’t want to meet you. Why did you chase after her here from thousands of miles away?”If it weren’t that Ernest showed up in the Fraser family’s territory like a miracle, as well as his capable means and determination, which made Victoria touched, she wouldn’t have spoken so much with him. As soon as Ernest appeared in their yard, her impression of Ernest had been changed a lot. In her opinion, if a man was willing to look for a woman wholeheartedly through every possible means, he must treasure her a lot