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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 446: The Mother-in-law’s Attitude towards Her Son-in-law-to-be

Sensing that Stanford didn’t believe in her words at all, Florence’s face became redder as she was extremely awkward at the moment. She looked up at her parents and found that they didn’t believe in her words as well. Under such circumstance, no matter what excuse she found, they would still think that she had a crush on Clarence. Florence found it hard to vindicate herself. Phoebe slightly leaned forward to Florence and whisper into her year, “Comparing to tell them that Clarence is pursuing you, it’s better to tell them that you’re pursuing him. ” Better? Florence felt sulky. What a dishonor it was. Rumors would have that she had a crush on Clarence at the first sight and began to pursue him. How awkward she would be in the face of her parents! Phoebe said with a smile, “Don’t you want to let your parents to accept your relationship?” “Of course I want. ” Florence replied in a low voice and continued, “But I haven’t expected that it’s by such a means. ” Although she welcomed this result, she felt very embarrassed. Looking at her daughter’s shyness and embarrassment, Victoria felt a gush of complicated emotions, yet she felt comforted at the same time. Although she didn’t know well about Clarence and didn’t know whether if he was qualified to be Florence’s husband, she had to admit that Florence fell for him at the first sight and if they established a relationship, maybe it would help Florence to walk out of the shadow of her broken relationship with Ernest. She could perceive that ever since Clarence came here, Florence’s mood had been dramatically improved. If this continued, it might be good. But she must arrange her men to investigate into Clarence’s family background and his quality in detail as soon as possible. “Flory should accompany you since Mr. Jenkins and Miss Jenkins are our distinguished guests since you are all of the young generation and may have similar preferences. Go out to have fun after finishing the meal. I will arrange a driver for you. ” Victoria who was having the breakfast said thoughtfully. Now that her daughter liked Clarence, naturally she should do something to improve their relationship. Florence felt happy when she heard the words. Didn’t this mean that she could get alone with Ernest alone outside as much as she liked? She replied happily without a second thought, “Okay!” Then her gaze met with Victoria’s smiling eyes in the air. Florence immediately blushed again. Damn, she acted so anxiously just now, which damaged her image as a lady. Looking at the shy Florence, Ernest slightly curled his lips into a smile and said to Victoria politely, “Then I have to bother you, Mrs. Fraser. ” “It doesn’t matter. That’s what I should do. ” Victoria shook her head with a smile and felt more and more satisfied with Clarence. Although Clarence was not as good-looking as Ernest, he was also handsome

Victoria, who had been studying Clarence secretly, nodded from time to time. She was secretly evaluating Clarence based on all his behavior. Stanford sensibly found out Victoria’s real purpose

. He also knew that if Clarence’s quality passed through his mom’s examination, he might become his brother-in-law. Stanford also cared a lot about Florence’s marriage. He spoke, “Let me go out with them later. ” “Cough… Cough…”Florence was choked by the food she ate just now and because of the coughing, her face alternate from paleness to redness. Ernest slightly knitted his brows and hurriedly handed a bowl of soup to Florence, “Drink some water. ”“O… Okay. Cough… Cough…”Florence took the soup from Ernest and gulped it down. Only then did she finally manage to swallow the food stuck in her throat. Phoebe patted Florence’s back to let her feel more comfortable and asked, “Are you better?”“Ehn, cough… I’m fine now. ”Florence shook her head. When she was about to put down the bowl, she saw a bowl of soup on the table. It was hers, then the soup she had just now…She looked towards Ernest and failed to find his soup. “Cough, cough. ”Florence felt awkward and coughed violently. Why Ernest didn’t evade unnecessary suspicion in front of her families?Ernest looked at her meaningfully and said in a deep voice, “It was an emergency and I handed my soup to you. You won’t mind it, right?”Florence was rendered speechless. She didn’t care about it at all because she also ate the food he ate before. But why did he say it out? Under their gazes, Florence felt extremely embarrassed. With a red face, Florence didn’t dare to look at him. She said in a low voice, “I don’t mind it. ”Victoria looked at them alternately and then curled her lips into a smile of satisfaction. Just now when Florence was choked by the food, Clarence was the first to react. It was not only because he was agile and sensible; more importantly, it was because that he had been paying attention to Florence. Moreover, Florence ate Clarence’s soup and it could be regarded as an indirect kiss. But she didn’t mind it at all, which meant that she really like Clarence. It was only a matter of time for two persons who had feelings for each other to establish a relationship. So far, Victoria felt more and more satisfied with Clarence’s performance. If he could remain unchanged and she didn’t find out some unacceptable shortcomings on him, she would agree them to be together.