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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 283: The One Florence Likes Is Him?

Although it was impossible for her to be Ernest’s girlfriend, she could not love the other man because she only had Ernest in her heart. Florence slightly wrinkled her brows and looked at Reynold with guilty, “Mr. Myron, I’m s…” “Flory!” Reynold suddenly interrupted Florence. He gazed at her, feeling like his heart was hung high and was about to fall down and break into pieces at any time. Reynold felt extremely nervous. And such a feeling was quite torturing. The expressions on Florence’s face made Reynold felt unease. And he even chickened out. He took a deep breath and then continued, “To be honest, I asked my men to investigate into your situation in City N several days ago and got to know how miserable your life was in that city. You can’t even come back to your home. I really felt sorry for you when I learned that your families treated you so cruelly. I also have an inharmonious relationship with my families before and in the end I left my home and started my career by my own. I understand how helpless and sad you are. Although you temporarily lived in Ernest’s villa when you were in City N, I can tell that you didn’t want to live him. Nor do you want to marry him. If you come back to City N again, you will have to live that kind of life again and you will have to live in Ernest’s home. ” Reynold’s words touched Florence at the core of her heart. As a matter of fact, she didn’t want to come back to City N right now and she even hoped that she could still escape from reality. Florence pressed her lips together tightly. She didn’t reply, nor did she retort Reynold’s words. This assured Reynold that he had seen through Florence’s mind. But the man who was standing outside of the door immediately pulled a longer face. Florence didn’t want to come back to City N and live in his house, nor did she want to marry him. But she had feelings for a man. Then could it be that… Ernest was overwhelmed by anger. He clenched his hands tightly as if he was about to crumbled the knuckles of his fingers. He was irritable and flustered at the moment and had an impulse to push open the door to interrupt the conversation. He even dropped to idea of learning about Florence’s answer. But he simply clenched his hands tightly into fists and didn’t reach out. Even if he was standing in front of a steep cliff and that he would have his body smashed into pieces if he fell down, his arrogance didn’t allow him to evade from the difficulties. Florence’s reaction gave Reynold a gleam of hope. He knew deep down that Florence had always been treating him as one of her friends and that it would be hard to accept him if he confessed his feelings to her out of the blue. And her relationship with Ernest made him uncertain about her feelings towards Ernest. But all in all, he thought Florence would probably refuse him. Reynold didn’t want such an answer even if he had to apply some evil tricks to achieve this

Timothy kept wiping away the cold sweats on his forehead. This Reynold was really shameless and he actually tried to allure Miss Fraser with these words. Even if Florence accepted his confession, it was not because she liked him! Reynold was really contemptible and shameless! Mr

. Hawkins should break into the room and stop the progress now. Timothy shifted his gaze to Ernest, only to find that Ernest was standing straightly and showed no intention to break into the room. He was waiting for Florence’s answer. Timothy felt helpless. Mr. Hawkins loved Florence, but he cared too much about Florence’s emotions and feelings. He had never forced Florence to marry him; instead, he tried to get her heart and hoped that she would fall for him before agreeing to marry him. But this gave the other man a chance and it looked like Mr. Hawkins would probably lose Florence this time. Reynold was so nervous that his breath became light. Except for his feelings for Florence, this trick was his last trump card. He used this trump card and confessed his feelings to her, hoping to get an answer from Florence and be given an opportunity. Florence gazed at Reynold, feeling quite complicated. The temptation given by Reynold was a warm home that she had been yearning for. But…“I’m sorry, Mr. Myron. I can’t accept your feelings. ”Although Florence’s voice was so low, she said with a serious attitude. Even though she was yearning for a warm home, she didn’t love Reynold at all and therefore she couldn’t take advantage of his feelings for her to realize her wish. A warm home should be basic on mutual love. Reynold’s heart, which was thumping wildly just now, suddenly skipped one beat. He looked at Florence dully as he still failed to pull himself together. This was a blow to him and he could not accept this. Florence refused him resolutely. He wanted to tell her how much he loved him, but his words were stuck in his throat and he couldn’t utter even a syllable. Comparing to the disappointment of Reynold, Ernest’s cold aura melted and his gloominess was replaced by a good mood. Florence refused Reynold. She didn’t like Reynold. This meant that the one she loved was Ernest Hawkins!Florence loved him!Ernest was overwhelmed by an unprecedented delight when he learned about this. He was on cloud nine and wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her.