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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 242: The Provocation

Florence had to explain the point to Ernest based on the combined content from both books. After finishing her words, she didn’t go back to read her book. Instead, she kept glancing at Ernest from time to time. Hesitating, she asked, “Mr. Hawkins, I don’t think you’ve learned design before. Why do you suddenly have the interest to read design books today?” Also, coincidentally, he got the book that she needed. However, the book that he was reading in front of the bookshelf was put on the desk. Ernest looked down at Florence and kept a proper distance from her. His eyes were deep and his voice was elegant and charming as the sound from the cello. “What do you think?” Florence’s heart skipped a beat. Looking at his handsome face that was so close to her, her body’s reaction was quite honest -- she had the impulse to have a nosebleed. His heart fluctuated violently. What did she think? The first answer in her mind was that he was reading those books for her. Her heart almost jumped to her throat. Florence was shocked by the brave and blunt thought that appeared in her mind, blushing. Seeing that her face was so red that even the skin behind her ears was reddened, Ernest pressed his lips. A light amusement flashed through his eyes. Then he answered, “Skills will never be a burden. Since this time I’m on the business trip with the design team, I want to know more about it. ” It was an explanation as well as an answer instead of a retort. Florence’s heart hammered. She had a complicated feeling. He said skills would never be a burden, which made her convinced. Of course, she couldn’t suspect or retort him. He indeed had high emotional intelligence, awesome. Florence wisely decided not to continue with this topic. No matter why Ernest suddenly wanted to learn something about design, it had nothing to do with her. Turning around, Florence continued to read. Next to her, Ernest was reading as well. He could understand the content while scanning the page. However, he didn’t turn the page immediately. Instead, he was waiting for Florence to turn the page of her book, and then he would turn the page at the same time with her. Hence, they were almost reading similar content at the same speed. Of course, Florence didn’t notice it. She just thought that the two books referenced each other, the content was quite similar, and Ernest was reading at a similar speed as hers

He kept provoking Ernest. He even smiled playfully. Waving the book in his hands at Ernest, he displayed his strength to Ernest

. Ernest’s eyes turned colder, and the temperature in the mini-library dropped fast. Florence suddenly felt a chill send down along her spine as if the temperature from the air conditioner was adjusted to below zero. She felt chilly. Looking up in confusion, she almost looked into Ernest’s eyes, and suddenly, Ernest calmed down his cold gazes. He lowered his head and concentrated on the book as if he was care-free from anything that happened next to him. Then she looked at Reynold, who just opened the book. Meeting her eyes, he put on a warm and gentle smile on his handsome mixed-raced face. “Yes, Flory?”His voice was as gentle as the spring breeze, easing the chill from her. Florence shook her head, feeling confused. It seemed that the temperature in the room was back to normal. She wondered if her feeling was wrong just now. Probably it was because Ernest was next to her, and she was so nervous that she had an illusion. Without thinking much, Florence lowered her head and continued to read. She planned to finish reading as soon as possible so she could leave this room. Since books in this mini-library were not allowed to be taken out, she could only read and study them here. However, Ernest was also in this room. Fortunately, Reynold came back, so it would not be so embarrassing since there were three of them. What Florence hadn’t expected was that although it was not embarrassing anymore, some sparks occurred between the two men and their fight had been upgraded. While reading, Florence found another difficulty. She looked up and subconsciously looked over at the book in Ernest’s book. Right then, Reynold acted quickly and said, “Try to understand it from a different point of view. You’ll find the difference from the sideway. ”Florence’s eyes suddenly lit up when she heard his words as if she was enlightened. Instantly, she almost could understand most of the difficulty that bothered her just now. Immediately, she looked over at Reynold and pushed her book to him, starting to discuss it with him. “And then?”Seeing that Florence approached him actively, Reynold curled up his lips in complacence, casting a provoking glance at Ernest in secret. Since he has been working with Florence for several days, he had already known the habit when Florence was reading. When she looked up, it must be that she couldn’t understand the key point. He had been focusing on the content that Florence was reading, so he could quickly explain it to her. He was indeed her supportive mentor as well as her helpful friend