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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 228: The Result

Ernest took a glance at the food on his trolley, which showed the portion for a single person. However, on the menu, the name of the guest was Mr. Myron. Looking at that name, Ernest looked annoyed. Obviously, Florence didn’t take along with her ID card, so Reynold checked in using his ID. Ernest asked in a deep voice, “There was only one portion of the food. Is there only one person in the room?” Although it was the guest’s privacy, the hotel staff didn’t dare to hide anything from Ernest. He immediately answered, “The kitchen prepared the food according to the guest’s ID that used to check in the hotel. I’m not sure how many people are there in the room. ” Probably there was only one guest or two guests. And the possibility of the latter was higher. Ernest looked at the closed door with his darkened eyes. Then he said, “Deliver the food and tell the guests inside that it was on the hotel. Ask them if one portion is enough. ” The hotel staff was so confused. He wondered why Ernest wanted him to do so. Standing aside, Timothy understood immediately why Mr. Hawkins would have done so. If the food was delivered by the hotel staff, Florence wouldn’t know that Mr. Hawkins had found here here. If anything was going on in the room, they wouldn’t see it in person. On the other hand, when the hotel staff asked if one portion was enough, it was also the same as to make Florence answer how many people were there in the room. If she said one portion was enough, that meant Reynold should have left the room right now. Timothy admired Mr. Hawkins for his smartness. At this moment, he still could figure out such a perfect tentative way. Immediately, Timothy urged the hotel staff, “Just follow Mr. Hawkins’ orders. Hurry up and go in. ” “Oh, Okay,” the hotel staff agreed while nodding. Then he pushed the trolley to the door. At the same time, Ernest walked to the wall at the same side of the door, standing elegantly. He looked quite indifferently, but if others studied him closer, they could see that his body was slightly tightened. His gaze was glued in the direction of the door, and he could see some space after the door was opened. Timothy looked at Mr. Hawkins’ actions with full admiration. Mr. Hawkins was just testing Florence, but he had already found a good angle where he could hide perfectly while observing the situation in the room. He was quite attentive. “Knock

Myron helped me check in here, but he has left,” Florence answered honestly. Generally speaking, the guest should use his or her own ID when checking in a hotel. However, Reynold had an important identity in Riverside City, and he was also relevant to this hotel, so he could help Florence check using his ID

. But Florence wouldn’t hide the fact from the hotel staff. The hotel staff immediately smiled. “I see. Miss, please enjoy the food. I’m leaving now. If you need any service, please press the service bell. ” “Okay, thank you. ” Florence walked the hotel staff to the door politely. When they reached the door, she saw the hotel staff looked out of the door, feeling a bit weird. Perhaps it was because she was staying alone in the hotel room, she was on alert. Then she followed the hotel staff out of the room. Immediately, she looked over at the corridor--It was empty. There was no one else besides the hotel staff. She frowned in confusion, wondering if she had overthought. Noticing that Florence followed him out, the hotel staff was startled. Then he didn’t find Ernest in the corridor and breathed a sigh of relief. He tried hard to keep smiling. “Miss, what else can I do for you?”“Nothing, thanks. ”Florence withdrew her gaze unnaturally, walked into her room, and closed the door. Seeing the door close, the hotel staff relaxed. He wondered where Ernest had gone. He recalled that when he was walking in, Ernest was still observing the situation in the room nervously. Without getting his reply, Ernest shouldn’t have left. Or, perhaps that was why Ernest was so superior -- nobody could understand what was on his mind. Maybe he had just simply left. While making a wild guess, the hotel staff was about to push the trolley to leave. Suddenly, he heard a click from the door of the next room. Then, Ernest in the black suit came out elegant from it. He looked at Florence’s door and then turned to the hotel staff. He asked in a deep voice, “What did she say?”The hotel staff was shocked, wondering why Ernest suddenly entered the room next door. He could predict how things went, couldn’t he?Admiring Ernest fully, the hotel staff immediately answered, “The lady said Mr. Myron helped her check in, but he has gone. She’s now staying here alone. ”Upon hearing it, Ernest looked less annoyed. Reynold wasn’t here. That was good.