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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 381: The Reunion

In the future? Florence was taken aback for a moment. She had never planned to have any future with him. It turned out that this man had already treated her as his wife-to-be. Immediately, Florence said, “Mr. Turner, I came here as I want to talk to you. ” Benjamin noticed how serious and nervous she was, and the smile on his face was stiffened. He was quite smart that instantly he knew what she meant. As a well-educated man, he didn’t show it on his expression. With a warm smile, he said, “Please go ahead. ” Benjamin was far more gentlemanly than Florence had imagined. He also respected her very much. No matter what was the reason behind his insistence on their infant matrimony, Florence was the one who wanted to call off this engagement first. Hence, she felt a bit sorry for him. After hesitating for a moment, Florence said in guilt, “Mr. Turner, in fact, I. ” “Bang!” Right then, the door of the room was pushed from the outside all of a sudden. The loud bang was thunderous and extremely rude. Florence was startled, feeling quite surprised. Hadn’t she requested to meet Benjamin alone? Theoretically, nobody should interrupt them in such a rude way. Confused, Florence turned around and looked over at the door. When she recognized the tall and strong figure, she was so shocked as if she got the lightning strike. She gaped at the man in disbelief. How could it be. Him! Under the bright sunshine, the man was in a black windbreaker, looking fierce and domineering, emanating an arctic cold. He pressed his thin lips tightly, gazing at Florence sharply. His gaze was so sharp as if he could see through her soul. When their gaze met, it felt that tens of thousands of years had passed. Nothing around them had become unimportant at all. They could see each other only. Also, their hearts were hammering. Florence had never expected that she would encounter Ernest here, and nor had she wondered what she should react when meeting him. Her mind went blank, gazing at him in a daze. She looked at him so greedily that she didn’t want to look away at all. It had been so long since she had seen him last time as if several years had passed. She missed him so much that all her thoughts had accumulated into a vast ocean. Feeling the soreness in her nose, Florence gritted her teeth to suppress her emotion at her best effort

” Florence suddenly stood up, not aiming to stay any longer. Since Ernest had shown up, she couldn’t continue talking to Benjamin about her well-planned words. Hence, it would be unnecessary for her to stay here

. Besides, she was in such a panic and didn’t know how to face Ernest. Ernest’s eyes became darkened, gazing at Florence. How could she want to leave in a hurry as soon as seeing him?He wondered how much she didn’t want to see him. Benjamin also stood up immediately. Knowing that their meeting couldn’t continue today, he offered, “I can give you a ride. ”Florence waved immediately in rejection. “No, thanks. Stanford is waiting for me outside. ”After finishing her words, without waiting for Benjamin’s response, she turned around and strode out. She walked so fast as if there was something horrible behind her chasing after her. Ernest’s eyes kept darkening, extremely dangerously gazing at Florence’s receding figure as if he was a wolf gazing at his prey. He had spent a huge effort to chase after her to here, and he wouldn’t let go of her so easily. He stood up and strode out of the door. Seeing that Ernest also was leaving, Benjamin frowned deeply. “Wait, Uncle Ernest. Where are you going?”As he spoke, he also followed Ernest out of the rood. Ernest was going to chase after Florence, so Benjamin was only the rival in love and the third wheel for him. He snapped in a cold tone, “Benjamin, you’ve scared Ms. Fraser away. Stay here and have a self-reflection yourself. ”Benjamin’s pace paused, looking extremely annoyed. Except for his great-grandpa, nobody else had scolded him like this. This Uncle Ernest, who had just come back to the family, didn’t only snatch his position and the right of succession but also scolded him. Clenching his fists, Benjamin had more hatred to Ernest. However, Ernest completely ignored what Benjamin was thinking. In a hurry, he chased after Florence, who was the only one who occupied his eyes and heart. Florence rushed out in a hurry, feeling so panicked. Her mind went blank and couldn’t think much. All she wanted was to leave this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, she was afraid that she would emotionally break down again. However, when she had just come out, a big hand reached out from her back and grabbed her wrist. Under the strength, she was forced to spin around, bumping into the man’s broad and firm embrace