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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 93: The Rumours Were True

As if Ernest could read Florence’s mind, he whispered to her ears. “He was born into a family of doctors. He was crazily intelligent and was already famous by the tender age of 11. He was also praised highly for being able to find a cure for many incurable diseases. ” He was not only a legend, but he was also a miracle. Collin rubbed his eyes lazily and wasn’t even bothered to look at them. He said nonchalantly yet firmly. “Leave, I’m not going to help you. ” He ordered them to leave without any hesitation. Florence was dumbfounded. Collin was exactly like what people described, he was hard to please. But Timothy was ready for this. He walked up and said in a respectful and serious tone of voice. “Dr. Campbell, we beg earnestly for your help. My master will promise you everything in return. ” “Not interested. ” Collin didn’t even hesitate. He replied lazily yet arrogantly. Timothy thought briefly and looked at Ernest. Ernest nodded his head lightly. Timothy then said, “The Hawkins family has a powerful and large network. It covers the ground of every country in the world. From what I know, you are looking for a person for all these years, Dr. Campbell. ” Collin finally turned his head slowly towards them. The air around him changed completely. He now seemed malicious and dangerous. He glared bladders at Ernest. “You are such a capable man, Mr. Hawkins. How did you find out something so secretive?” Ernest said calmly, “If you help me, I’ll find you that person. ” This was Ernest’s trump card from the start. Collin’s pupil constricted, he started to waver. He was looking for that person for many years but to no avail. That person was a very important person to him. “No, I’m not taking your offer. ” Collin smirked wickedly. He believed that he would be able to find that person himself one day. Not to mention that that person was extremely important and their identity had to be kept secret

” “Hah…” Collin laughed nonchalantly. He then leaned lazily on the door again. He said scornfully and blithely, “I can help but under two conditions

. ” Gemma was dumbfounded, “But Dr. Campbell, it was not what you have promised. ” “So what if I’m adding them on now?” His smile was carefree but his expression was seething with menace as if he had decided that he wouldn’t help them if they didn’t agree to his conditions. Gemma pulled a lot of strings to find Collin; she didn’t want anything to go wrong right now. She glanced at Ernest and asked tentatively. “What are your conditions?”“First, the surgery will take a long time. You all must stay here tonight, no one is allowed to leave. ”He said indifferently but his gaze seemed to pass through Ernest and he was looking only at Florence. It seemed that he brought up the conditions because of Florence. Ernest’s eyes dimmed, he sized Collin up. He studied Collin and tried to see what his intention was. Collin didn’t mind him, he then said. “Second, I want to give that lady there a full-body check-up. ”“No. ”Ernest rejected without any hesitation. Gemma looked at Ernest all horrified, she couldn’t believe her ears. To her, the conditions were not even worth to mull upon. It was just a body check-up for Florence, no big deal. She felt oppressed and was green with jealousy. It turned out that in Ernest’s eyes giving Florence a body check-up was more significant than something so important to her. Collin shrugged indifferently, “Then please take your leave. ”Ernest’s face turned sullen. He glared at Collin while grabbing Florence’s hand tightly. He wouldn’t have brought Florence along if he knew that she would catch Collin’s eyes. He said coldly, “Please consider it carefully. Once I leave, you’ll find the body of that person you’re looking for soon after. ”His tone of voice was wintry and convincing. Collin’s face twitched, “Ernest Hawkins, you are boring me with the same threat. ”“And I don’t mind using it again and again on you. ”Collin’s face turned darker. He glared at Ernest resentfully but finally made a compromise, “I was just curious about the disease that she had. It was similar to an intractable disease I’m researching, that’s why I wanted to give her a full-body check-up. If I see an interesting intractable disease like that and don’t get to treat it, I’ll be in a bad mood and don’t feel like doing well anything afterwards. Don’t blame me if something were to go wrong when I’m treating this young lady later.