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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 167: The Singletons Were Tormented

“My, oh, my! What am I seeing right now? Am I going blind? Ernest is actually carrying Florence downstairs. ” “I suspect that I might be going blind too now that I’m seeing things. ” “Florence’s injuries are totally worth it now that she is able to enjoy the special pick up and drop off service of being carried up and down even though it is just for a meal. ” The three men whom was still seated on the sofa in the living room a while ago had all rose to their feet with an incredulous expression on their faces after noticing the figure descending slowly from upstairs. Gemma was stunned on the spot upon witnessing Ernest carrying her down while a flash of jealousy and resentment had flickered briefly in her eyes, and she asked in a grim tone shortly after, “Is Florence badly wounded?” Harold instantly replied, “Her wounds were treated by me, and they were only flesh wounds, so she had not suffered from any grave injuries at all. Her leg is just bruised from knocking into something, so she should be able to walk on her own. ” It turned out that it was not due to Florence suffering from grave injuries that Ernest had to carry her in his arms, but instead. “Tsk tsk, now I finally know that the heart of the ever cold mannered Ernest would also melt when he’s in love, and he would turn into someone whom is warm hearted like the dazzling sun when he is struck on a girl albeit being a little overboard. ” Stephen wailed, “I’ve already lost my appetite as I’m stuffed from all the PDA. ” Those men downstairs had made no effort to conceal their whoop-de-do, hence Florence could hear every single word even though she was still on the staircase. She could feel her face reddened and blazed further as she was already feeling on edge from the nervousness. The fact that Ernest carrying her down would incite a brouhaha as expected had made her so mortified that she could hardly show her face. She promptly burrowed her head into Ernest’s chest in despair to hide her face due to shame. Ernest halted in his steps after he had detected her fidgeting in his embrace, and a wave of tenderness immediately manifested in his countenance when he looked down at her. Was she aware of the fact that she was actually leaning in his arms on her own volition? The corner of his mouth curled involuntarily into a soft smile, and it was as if a beam of dazzling rays had radiated from his striking face at that moment which had bedazzled everyone in the room with his breath-taking aura. Harold and the lads were instantly fed with another mouthful of PDA. Harold uttered in an astonished tone, “I think this is the first time in my life that I have seen Ernest smile. ” Anthony agreed with him while he was in a daze, “Me too. ” Stephen uttered, “It turns out that falling in love can indeed alter your disposition. ” Florence was like a cat on a hot tin roof when she had taken in all the teases from the men which had flared up her face. She knew that this kind of situation would happen if Ernest had carried her downstairs, hence she was mortified to have to face them now

” Florence held on to her spoon without moving an inch as she asked casually, “You didn’t know that Ms. Marlon couldn’t eat spicy at all?” “Why should I know?” Ernest asked her in return as if it was a matter of course that he did not know about it, and he even proceeded to fill her bowl with all her favorite dishes in a smooth and natural manner right after. Ever since Florence had gotten injured, he had been looking after her like this, always taking care of her in an extremely attentive and thoughtful way

. She still could not get used to his meticulousness at other times, but he did not alter his behavior at all even when Gemma was present today. Wouldn’t he mind at all if Gemma were to get jealous after witnessing his caring act towards another woman right in front of her?Florence’s brows were knitted deeply as she pondered on the increasingly dubious thought that had encircled her mind. “What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” Ernest’s fine brows were instantly furrowed from seeing her confused expression as he asked in a husky tone that had exuded his concern for her. She shook her head and replied, “I’m fine. ”She had inadvertently met Gemma’s gaze when she had just responded to Ernest whom was clearly worried about her, and she could instantly make out the undisguised covetousness that Gemma had not been able to conceal in her gaze on them. It was jealousy that had manifested in her eyes. Florence was taken aback when she had clearly perceived the bitterness in Gemma’s eyes, but she was puzzled at the same time as she could not comprehend her jealousy towards herself. Wasn’t Gemma Ernest’s real girlfriend? Why would she act like she was green-eyed when Florence was only a fake fiancée of his?An unusual thought which had never occurred to Florence before this had suddenly materialized in her mind after she had put together her observation of Ernest’s thorough care for her which was in stark contrast with the cold shoulder that he had given to Gemma, and the fact that he was in the dark about Gemma’s preference for food. “Spacing out again? Are these dishes not to your liking?”Ernest’s face darkened slightly when he had noticed Florence losing herself in her own thoughts again, and he looked as if he would switch out all the dishes in front of them anytime soon. Florence stared at his countenance which she had found herself accustomed to after having to face him every single day and assumed her courage to suggest in a tentative manner, “Ms. Marlon couldn’t eat all these dishes on the table, so I feel bad to start eating by myself. Let’s wait for her favorite dishes to be served before we dig in. ”“There’s no need to. All of them are just here to accompany you. ”There was not a slightest hint of euphemism in Ernest’s tone as he replied tactlessly, and he had made the distinction between her and the rest very clear. Harold thumped on his chest and stamped on his feet while exclaiming, “How could you put hoes before bros! You’re always hiberdating now that you have fallen in love!”Anthony tried to console him, “Try to get used to it as it will get worse in the future. ”Stephen was rendered speechless once again, “…” He had completely lost his appetite this time. Even though they were continuously grumbling about Ernest’s attitude towards them while teasing him at the same time, the atmosphere of the dinner gathering had indeed been livened up