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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 129: The 38th Parallel

Florence’s cheeks reddened even more. Her eyes sparkled and she did not dare to look at him. She said stiffly, “I, I am just giving humanitarian concern. If others are hurt, I’ll also be like that. ” “You’ll also hold others’ hand?” The aura on Ernest’s body instantly sank. He clasped Florence’s jaw with one hand, forcing her to look at him. His eyes narrowed while he looked at her. His gaze was so dangerous that when he stared at her, he looked like a wolf. It seemed that he would become fierce any time and suddenly went to eat her. Being stared like this, Florence was panicked and a little abashed, “Not really…” Ernest’s face only then looked slightly better but his tone was extraordinarily domineering. “You’re my woman. You aren’t allowed to touch others regardless of what situation it is, understand?” Florence’s heart abruptly throbbed wildly. What did he mean by she was his woman, when did she become his woman. They absolutely did not have that kind of relationship, okay? When Charlotte walked over, she saw that they were so intimate that they seemed to be kissing each other. She felt bad and was extremely green with envy. She intentionally raised her voice volume and spoke in surprise. “Ernest, there is ash on your gauze. Have you knocked into something or hurt yourself?” The meandering atmosphere was instantly ruined by Charlotte’s words. Ernest frowned in displeasure and began to slightly regret letting her come over to stay here. He intended to send her back tomorrow. Florence hurriedly pushed Ernest’s hand away. Her gaze also instantly fell on Ernest’s left hand. The dumpling-like gauze on his hand was indeed stained with a little ash. But it was just a little, not to the extent that he had knocked into something. Looking at Ernest, Florence said, “I think you should change your gauze?” She knew that he was a neat freak. Ernest did not express an opinion and just nodded. Florence and Ernest were about to go to the room but at this moment, Charlotte took the initiative to move forward and self-volunteer. “Ernest, let me change it for you. I took a nursing course when I was in university. I can do these basic treatments. ” “No need. ” Ernest coldly refused. He did not even look at Charlotte and strode towards the bedroom. Charlotte was a little disappointed but she was reconciled. She added. “But my elder sister has never learnt it, she can’t do it well. ” Ernest still ignored her. As Florence’s skill was being questioned like this, she was a little unhappy. Ernest’s wound was dealt with by her and it was also bandaged up by her

Florence was also no longer contrived. She carefully uncovered Ernest’s gauze bit by bit. After reapplying the ointment, she bandaged his wound with special care this time

. She also wrapped the gauze in a particularly good-looking manner in which it looked pretty proper and regular. Ernest gazed at Florence. Seeing her being so serious and meticulous, his lips could not help but curl. This woman was concerned about him. After the actions of putting things back properly, reapplying ointment and getting washed were all done, Florence lay on the bed in exhaustion. She almost fell asleep on this bed. She could also smell Ernest’s scent which was familiar to her. Her heartbeats uncontrollably quickened. Not daring to continue thinking, she moved to the side of the bed with her back facing the other side of the bed. She covered herself with a quilt and slept. Not long after, Ernest finished taking a shower and came out of the bathroom. Seeing the little woman who was sleeping at the side of the bed, his eyes darkened. She thought that she could keep a distance from her just like this?Naive. When he went to the bed, his tall body leaned over and he naturally lay beside her at a very close distance. He reached out and wrapped around her waist. With a pull, he embraced her in his arms. As he had just taken a shower, there was a fragrant and fresh scent of body wash on his body. It was similar to the one on her body and it was so similar that one could not calm him or herself. Florence’s entire body stiffened and she hurriedly pushed him away. She said seriously, “Mr. Hawkins, you’ve said that you won’t paw me. ”“I’m just sleeping. ” Ernest showed a face of righteousness. Florence’s lips slightly twitched. Was sleeping and spooning having any direct relationship?She struggled out of his arms and sat up, putting a pillow between him and her. “You go back to that side. No one is allowed to cross this pillow tonight. ”Ernest was in displeasure, “Childish. ”Florence’s face also burnt in embarrassment. Only primary school students would do a kind of thing like having a line like the 38th Parallel in between. But tonight, she could not get so close to him or even slept with him in a spooning position, right?She and he could not continue to do messy things anymore. Florence took the pillow with a serious face, “Anyway, this pillow is the line, no one can cross it. Otherwise, I will rather not sleep tonight. ”Ernest’s handsome face instantaneously darkened. He gazed at Florence with an extremely dangerous expression.