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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 190: The Truth

Cooper watched Florence be carried away. He creased his brows deeply. Carefully, he noticed Florence’s struggle and the unhappiness on her face. Obviously, she was unwilling to be treated in this way. How could he be willing to let her be taken away by Ernest forcibly? Cooper pulled a long face. He was about to chase after them. After a few steps, Timothy blocked his way. “Mr. Scott, Ms. Fraser is Mr. s Hawkins’ fiancee. Please keep your distance with her. ” “Move!” Cooper snapped in a deep voice, emanating a noble and august aura, totally different from his sunny and casual look usually. Timothy had been working for Ernest, so he had been used to the strong temperament. He was not frightened by Cooper at all. He still added seriously, “Mr. Scott, please mind your identity. Besides, Mr. Hawkins and Ms. Fraser are couple-to-be. They want to get along with each other alone. Please don’t be the third wheel. ” The third wheel? Cooper was taken aback for a moment. He knew the relationship between Florence and Ernest clearly, which was fake. Hence, he had a plan to chase Florence. Frowning, he heard Timothy continue. “Just now, Ms. Fraser took the initiative to stand in front of you, she didn’t want you to get involved in the matter between Mr. Hawkins and her. Mr. Scott, you are quite smart. I believe you should know it. ” Cooper’s tall and strong figure stiffed. He frowned more deeply. Based on his social status, he didn’t need to fear Ernest. However, when he was arguing with Ernest just now, Florence stood in front of him protectively. Was she unwilling to let him get involved in their relationship? Or was she worried that Ernest would revenge on him? No matter what the answer was, Florence deliberately pushed him away. Even though she was unwilling to be carried away by Ernest, she didn’t ask him for help. Cooper felt so depressed as if there was a heavy stone pressing on his heart. From afar, he watched Ernest carry Florence away, but he couldn’t move forward at all. Under everyone’s gaze, Ernest carried Florence to the lounge area next to the banquet hall. He put her on the sofa, his tall and strong body pressing on her

It’s good for Gemma Marlon to be your date. She’s pretty and good at drinking, quite a good date for you. Please take me as if I didn’t show up tonight

. Nobody would have the guts to discuss it. ” Florence looked solemn and her words were quite serious. However, Ernest sensed something jealous inside. He frowned slightly, happiness appearing on his tightly pressed lips. He said in a deep voice, “She’s not my date. ” Hearing his affirmative answer, Florence felt the rage surging in her heart. She had seen it with her own eyes, but how come he could still shameless lie? Florence gritted her teeth. “I’m not blind. ” “Seeing is not believing sometimes,” Ernest retorted her. He had never explained anything to anyone else, but right at this moment, he had become an extremely patient person that he had never been before. “Just now, Gemma Marlon was standing beside me. She only handed me two glasses of wine. She’s not my date tonight. ”Ernest’s tone was steady, with slight affection. “If you don’t like it, I wouldn’t allow her to stand by me in the future. ”His words could be a promise from a man. Florence was startled, gaping at Ernest in disbelief. Her lips parted and she uttered a few words in a light tone, “Are you lying to me?”“I’ve never lied. I won’t lie to you. ”Every word sounded so domineering and affirmative. Florence couldn’t suspect. She was more shocked. She had been along with him for a long time, and of course, she knew Ernest’s personality. With such a high social status, he would always disdain to lie. Let alone such a low-level lie. Florence’s mind was in a mess. She had finally asked the question that she wanted to ask so many times, “Isn’t Gemma Marlon your girlfriend? How could you have the heart to treat her in this way?”Ernest was a little bit taken aback, looking at Florence in surprise. With a frown, he asked, “How can you mistake her for my girlfriend?”“You are originally. ”“Nope!” Ernest denied directly. Staring at Florence, he said in a firm tone together with some depression, “We’re just friends. ”Florence gaped at Ernest, completely out of words. The question that had been wandering in her heart for such a long time finally was answered at this moment. It turned out that the relationship between Ernest and Gemma was not that kind of relationship. Ernest was not Gemma’s boyfriend at all. That meant that since the first time Gemma met her, she lied to her. All the time, Gemma had been lying to her.