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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 316: The Truth Comes to Light

Gemma was jittery. She gritted her teeth and said, “I’ve always had a good relationship with the Hawkins family. Therefore, it’s natural that I’ll know this kind of big matter. ” She straightened her back while pretending to be in the right and said. However, only she herself knew how diffident she was now. She did not know how many members of the Hawkins family knew this matter. She could only bet that some relatives of the Hawkins family knew it to make Ernest believe that it was those people in the Hawkins family who told her. This was the first time that Ernest gazed at Gemma in a lofty and condescending manner. But, his eyes were incomparably cold and it looked like scrutiny. After he said that he would cancel the engagement that day, he directly left but he was very clear about how was the situation afterwards. Georgia did not agree to cancel the engagement. Even after he said it, Georgia was still stubbornly continuing to hold the wedding. She did not let anyone know about the cancellation of the engagement except the old housekeeper. The other members of the Hawkins family did not know about it. But, Gemma knew it. This absolutely showed that she did not learn about this matter from the members of the Hawkins family. As for how did she exactly learn about this matter, it was a fridge horror. It turned out that this woman, like the others, did not seem to be as pure and as kind as to how she looked like. She still did something to the Hawkins family eventually! All the previous fellowship completely collapsed in an instant. Florence did not know how was the real situation in the Hawkins family. However, by looking at Ernest’s expression, she could roughly guess it. Gemma had finally shown the cloven hoof. She secretly sneered and continued, “Is it, I almost forget that you and Ernest used to be a loving couple. It’s because you were infertile after the car accident so Georgia interfered in the love relationship between you and Ernest to break you two up. Now, you’ve gotten Collin’s help and you can have your own child again. So, after I cancel the engagement with Ernest this time, Georgia let you replace me to be the bride. The love relationship between you and Ernest for so many years has finally come to fruition, should I congratulate you?” These words were once uttered by Gemma to deceive Florence but unexpectedly, Florence uttered everything in front of Ernest now. Then, all of her lies were instantly nailed to the counter. Including her feelings for Ernest and everything she did behind his back

It’s true that I met Florence on the roadside that day and uttered a few unpleasant words to her. But, that was all because Florence was too heartless to you. I questioned her why she cancelled the engagement with you, why did she treat you like this but for your information, she completely didn’t feel guilty about it

. She said she never liked you and she felt extremely annoyed to be with you. If it wasn’t because of the agreement, she wouldn’t even engage with you. She insulted your feelings for her like that so I really can’t stand it anymore. ” Each sentence was apparently piercing Ernest’s heart. The matter of cancellation of the engagement and Florence’s refusal had always been the most fatal conflict between Florence and Ernest. Ernest’s face looked even worse. Florence was trying to mend the relationship with Ernest now. But, if Ernest misunderstood and kept a distance from her again, what could she do?She hurriedly went to the bedside and eagerly grabbed Ernest’s hand. “She’s telling a lie. I’ve never said such words. I’ve never felt annoyed to be with you, I’m actually…” very fond of you…“Florence, why are you pretending to be kind now? Are you going to go against the words that you’ve said. ”Gemma loudly reprimanded and interrupted Florence. She pointed at Florence as if Florence was the main culprit. Ernest’s looked at Florence’s small hand that was holding his hand tightly and then looked at her face that obviously looked nervous. His voice was extremely deep and low, “Actually what?”What he cared about was only the answer. Florence’s heart instantly throbbed wildly. She did not expect that after Gemma had said so many things in front of Ernest, he surprisingly still could ignore everything and bring back the original topic. And this answer was not only important to him but also very important to her. Gemma apparently knew what was Florence going to say so she was even more panicky. If Florence really said it, perhaps there would be no wiggle room and no chance for her anymore. If she was suspected, it was impossible for her to approach Ernest and was even more impossible for her to be together with Ernest. She spoke anxiously, “Could it be that you still want to say that you actually like Ernest?”Florence frowned. The true meaning of these words changed when they came out of Gemma’s mouth. Gemma sneered sarcastically, “Florence, you’ve really resorted to every conceivable means. In order to deal with me, you can even tell this kind of despicable lie. If you like Ernest, why were you so insistent on cancelling the marriage before? Now, an accident has happened and you change your mind and say that you like Ernest, do you think anyone will believe you?”These sentences of sarcasm let Florence’s words that clogged in her throat have a thousand pounds of weight