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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 215: The Way the Man Did Things

Ernest was applying the ointment for Florence. Looking at the broken red lips, he felt sorrier and sorrier. He even regretted it, blaming himself for being so rude just now. He moved extremely carefully, bit by bit, afraid that it would cause pain. The ointment made Florence feel cool. Still feeling pricking, Florence frowned. “Does it hurt a lot?” Ernest asked in concern. Florence looked up, only to find that worry was written all over his pretty eyes. Inside, her face was reflected as well, so clear and enlarged. It seemed that she was the only one in his eyes. With such an illusion, Florence withdrew her gaze quickly. She shook her head, “Nothing. ” Ernest still couldn’t rest assured. He pulled out the phone. “I’ll call my doctor to come over. ” “No, thanks. ” Florence grabbed his hand to stop him immediately. She said in a panic, “It’s really nothing. Please don’t make a fuss. ” Ernest’s big hand was grabbed by Florence’s. He frowned, “Are you sure?” “Yes, I am. ” Florence nodded. Ernest gave up the idea to make a phone call. He just remained in the posture, his hands grabbed by her. Florence felt a bit weird, but she couldn’t tell why. After several seconds, she suddenly realized that she was still holding his hand, wrapping it completely. It looked so intimate. She was frightened and let go of him instantly. “I’m sorry. I was just anxious. ” Her flustered face looked more adorable in Ernest’s eyes. He curled up his lips into a smile. “You don't need to apologize. You can hold my hand as long as you like. ” His tone was full of affection and ambiguity. Florence’s face turned redder. She truly didn’t mean to do it, but how come he spoke in such a way? Before she returned to her senses from the embarrassment, Florence saw Ernest walking towards the bathroom. She understood that he was going to take a shower. Immediately, she turned around. “I’ll go out first. Call me when you are done. ” “It’s midnight. Do you want to go out in a bathrobe,” Ernest asked. Florence paused. It was indeed not good for her to go out in a bathrobe. However, there was nothing else in her wardrobe. Ernest walked into the bathroom and turned around. He didn’t close the door. Instead, he was leaning against the door and gazing at Florence’s back

Her dizzy eyes became sober. Then she blushes because of feeling so shy. “Well, I was too tired last night

. ” Ernest watched her active and complicated expression. His thin lips parted. “Yeah, you were indeed tired. You held me and didn’t want to let go. You said it’s so cozy to sleep in my arms. ” Florence gaped. They were the words in her subconsciousness. She wondered if she truly spoke it out. She felt so embarrassed. Feeling ashamed, she didn’t know how to explain. Ernest gazed at her, and nothing could be told in his deep eyes. He added, “You don’t need to feel shy. We’re a couple-to-be. It’s also my duty as your fiance to hold you for a whole night. ”A couple-to-be. Holding for a whole night. Each word from him made Florence feel extremely embarrassed. She was about to retort but she couldn’t find a reason because it was the truth. “I’m going to use the bathroom. ” She escaped in a panic. Looking at her back, Ernest curled up his lips into a meaningful smile. He got up and pulled the door open. Outside the door of the suit, there were employees from the clothing store, skin product store, and accessory store waiting. Their hands were full of things for Florence. He wanted her to sleep longer, so he didn’t wake her up. After Florence came out of the bathroom, she was worried about what to wear today. Then she saw dresses, handbags, and jewelry all over the sofa. Even the tea-table was fully occupied by them. It was full of the domineering manner, so she knew it was the way how Ernest always did things. However, those things were way too many. “Mr. Hawkins, I can’t use all of them. ”Ernest didn’t think they were too many for her. He said affirmatively, “No worries. Just take them all, so you don’t need to accept things from another man. ”As he finished his words, he walked into the bathroom at a steady pace, looked elegant and noble. Florence felt helpless, wondering why he still mentioned things that happened last night. However, as soon as she thought about last night, she truly wouldn’t have the guts to challenge his authority. Hence, when Ernest asked her to accompany him in the room if she was free, she dared not to say no. From breakfast to lunch, and then to the afternoon, no matter how boring she was, she behaved herself very much. However, as time passed, Florence became anxious. She would still have a field trip with Reynold today. She had to work. However, Ernest seemed to dislike Reynold a lot. She wondered how she should tell Ernest