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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 121: The Whole World Knew Their Relationship

Florence was taken aback. Ernest said in a deep and joking tone, “If you want to do something to me, you can tell me directly. I don’t mind cooperating with you. ” As he spoke, he reached out to wrap Florence’s waist, completely pulling her into his arms. Florence was shocked. “No, Mr. Hawkins. You’ve misunderstood. hmm!” Before she finished her words, her lips were sealed by his. His lips were cold and soft but domineering. His kiss attached her like a thunderstorm. He aggressively enjoyed the sweetness out of her mouth. Their lips and teeth intertwined, their breath mixing with each other's. Florence’s mind was blank. Her heart hammered too fast that it almost popped out from her chest. She couldn’t understand why he kissed her again. She wanted to struggle, but under his aggressive attack, the strength of her body seemed to be taken away bit by bit. She felt quite fragile, paralyzing in his arms, letting him take whatever he wanted. Ernest’s kiss became more and more domineering and lingering. His breath was so hot as if it was on fire. With his palms attaching to her waist, he felt dissatisfied and wanted to have more. And he did want he wanted. His palms went through the hemline of her clothes and touched her smooth skin. The fire in his body seemed to be burned to the extreme in an instant. His reason broke down totally. Every cell in his body exclaimed that he should have sex with her. Feeling Ernest’s heated palm as if it would burn her skin cracked, Florence felt a huge danger at the moment. Panicked, she suddenly came back to her senses for a bit. They were still in the garage. What was he going to do to her?” Florence felt shy and anger. In a panic, she suddenly closed her teeth. “Hiss!” Ernest felt the pain, releasing Florence immediately. His gaze on her was still deep and burning. He glinted at her with dissatisfaction. Pulling his tongue, he licked the blood from the corner of his mouth, looking like a sultry devil. His current charisma could make others pounce at him. It was too much. Florence gritted her teeth tightly. She finally managed to keep sober and got up from his arms. “Mr

As long as he has any movement, everyone would know it. ” Besides, it was such big news that he came to the company with a woman. Florence faintly heard the buzz in her mind, feeling deeply hopeless

. That meant that all the company employees had known that she didn’t only come to the company with Ernest together, but also had lunch and left the company with him before. “Shirley, you guys are wrong about me and the CEO,” Florence explained helplessly. She looked up at Shirley. “Do you know what the comments are from the coworkers? Are there any bad. ”She was afraid that her reputation would be ruined. Shirley shook her head. “Everyone was guessing if you are the girlfriend or girlfriend-to-be of CEO. ”“Don’t they think I’m his mistress or I used hidden rules to get my job?”Florence couldn’t believe it. After all, she was an ordinary woman from the lower-class. Ernest was an indeed excellent man, like a prince. She was too humble to deserve him. “Not at all. It seems to be because that the CEO hasn’t had a date for so many years. A lot of women wanted to hit on him but all failed. The CEO is so noble and he disdained to raise a mistress. Now you are the only woman who has appeared around him, so you must be his girlfriend. ”After a pause, Shirley added enviously, “Now almost all employees in the company have taken you as the CEO’s future wife. ”Florence gaped while sitting there, lost in thought. She wasn’t misunderstood as a dirty woman, which was fortunate. However, she was mistaken as Ernest’s girlfriend and the CEO’s future wife. She felt panicked. At this moment, the internal line in Florence’s office rang. Shirley picked it up immediately. “Hello, Florence’s design office. Yeah, she is here. ”As she said, Shirley passed the phone to Florence and said in a low voice, “Florence, it’s a call from Mr. Hawkins. ”Florence was still worried about the scandal, but now Ernest called her. ‘Talk of the devil and he comes,’ she thought to herself. However, she didn’t want to pick it up. She said to Shirley, “Tell him that I’m not free. Ask him to tell you directly what he wants. ”Shirley was in a dilemma. “Mr. Hawkins said you must answer it. ”Florence was speechless. Being a CEO was indeed a big deal, wasn’t it?