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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 308: The Woman on Ernest

Georgia, who watched it aside, felt comforted and smiled. It was so good that Florence could come here. Ernest, who hadn’t eaten anything for two days, finished the whole bowl of porridge. The old saying was true: everything has its vanquisher. Georgia smiled and said to the Hawkins standing behind her, “You guys can go back first. Florence will take care of Ernest. Don’t come to bother him if there’s not something important. ” They were all rendered speechless. Then they said goodbye to Ernest and then left the ward one by one. They didn’t want to stay in the ward for too long either. After, Ernest really had a bad temper and his cold aura was enough to make them feel breathless. When the others left the wards, Georgia looked at Florence and said, “Flory, where have you been in the past two days?” Ernest, who was lying on the bed, furrowed his brows when he heard the question. A touch of gloominess flashed across his handsome face. His mood, which had been improved just now, was dampened again. Florence looked up at Georgia in shock, “What? Two days? Grandma, do you forget it? We met outside of the operating room yesterday. ” “It happened two days ago. It has been two days after Ernest was moved out of the operating room. ” “What?” Florence was shocked and paused, and then the fruit knife cut her finger. But she didn’t notice it at all. She asked with astonishment written all over her face, “I thought it happened yesterday because I rushed to the hospital when I woke up. ” Georgia also knitted her brows, “So you had been unconscious for two days?” “What happened? Why did she pass out?” Ernest suddenly turned his face to them and asked in a deep voice. He originally thought that the reason why Florence didn’t show up in the past two days was because she didn’t want to have any relationship with him any longer and she ran away. But he hadn’t expected that it was because she was unconscious. Ernest was clutched by fear. Luckily, she appeared in front of him safe and sound. Georgia made an explanation, “When you were having the operation, Florence did many things for you and even made a commotion in the whole city to find Collin. When she was waiting outside of the operating room, I found that she didn’t look good. When your operation was completed, she passed out and was taken away by Collin. ” Florence scratched her hair, “Maybe it’s because I have too many exercises that they. I also have no idea about it, oh, I really slept for two days! I simply know that I had a long sleep. ” Ernest hadn’t expected that this was the truth

When Georgia was going to take the medical kit, she saw an incredible scene at the next moment. Florence suddenly stood up and put her hands on Ernest’s shoulders and then sat on Ernest’s waist to press him back to the bad again. She pressed him with her hands and scolded condescendingly, “Can you not move?” “Ahem, Flory, get up first

. ” “No way, I shall bandage your wound first. ”Florence refused it without a second thought. She then looked down at Ernest’s arm and found that there was much blood on it. Could this man care about his own body?Florence felt distressed for him and knitted her brows. She then reached out her hand towards the head of the bed and then pressed a button. As she was a bit far away from the button, she had to leaned forward, which closed her distance with Ernest. Ernest stared at the woman leaning towards him and his breaths became quick and uneven. Did this woman know what she was doing now?He said in a stiff voice, “You can get out of the bed and then press the button. ”“What if you move again?”Apparently Florence didn’t trust in Ernest. It seemed like she was scared by his abrupt movements just now. Florence heaved a sigh of relief when she finally reached the button and pressed it. When she was about to sit up, she turned her head and suddenly noticed that Ernest’s face was so close to hers. She would land a kiss on his sexy thin lips if she slightly turned her face. Florence seemed to be breathless. She could clearly felt his warm breaths, which made her thump wildly. Florence froze. Ernest pressed his thin lips tightly and stared at her passionately. The sexual desire surged in his eyes and seemed to be substantialized. Even the air in the room felt hot. The temperature in the room kept rising up. “Click. ”The door of the ward was suddenly pushed opened and several doctors in white gowns swarmed into the ward. One of them said anxiously, “What’s wrong with Mr. Hawkins? What…”He froze before finishing his words and his words were stuck in his throat. Other doctors were also dumbfounded. They all looked at Florence and Ernest in disbelief. They even doubted whether if they had entered the wrong ward