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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 62: Their Fake Engagement Was Exposed

Florence delved into her busy designing work once again after the competition’s rules were declared the next morning. Ernest no longer came to her room to read, yet he had allocated an assistant for her. “Hi, I’m your new assistant, Shirley Flores. You can call me Shirley. ” Shirley was a fresh university graduate and she looked naïve and cheerful. Her professional skills were excellent and she was very respectful to Florence too. Florence did not mind having an assistant during her busy time yet Cooper was clearly unhappy. He looked at Shirley coldly and asked, “Why did the company send you here all of a sudden?” As if she had memorized what she should answer beforehand, she replied smoothly without hesitation, “Hasn’t Florence just gotten the first place in the last competition? She has made our company proud, and now the company values her very much. That’s why I was sent here to help. ” Having represented the company itself, Cooper had nothing else to say. Yet he was still acting unfriendly towards her. “Don’t you disturb Florence, I’ll arrange work for you. ” Florence was starting to get busy, and she indeed had no strength to care about Shirley. Since she trusted Cooper very much too, she allowed him to arrange it all. At last, it was Cooper who ended up doing the tasks that required close assistance while Shirley was the one who did all the crappy jobs. Shirley was dissatisfied, she argued and bantered with Cooper occasionally, lightening up the nervous working atmosphere. It was soon the time for finals. Florence led the model into the working compartment she was allocated to and started changing clothes, making preparations before the competition. Just then, the door was pushed open by someone from the outside. Isabel walked in with a domineering attitude. Florence frowned and instinctively blocked in front of the clothes, staring at her with alert. “What are you doing? You have no right entering my working compartment before the competition, get out!” Isabel was not affected by her words at all and she ordered the model to leave for a moment. The model hesitated and fearing the power behind her, she still chose to leave. She spoke to Florence before she left, “Miss Fraser, I’ll be outside, you can call me whenever you need me. ” Florence frowned and did not say a word

It was the biggest secret between her and Ernest, and Isabel had actually known it! She was completely doomed. Isabel sneered with complacence. “Since I’ve heard that, I’ll certainly have ways to make the old lady believe that, and also the intimate relationship between you and Cooper Scott

. I wonder what would happen to you after that. ” “Isabel Hopkins! What on earth do you want?” Florence gritted her teeth to keep her from falling down. Her weakness had been held by her enemy and she had no way to resist her. “It’s easy. If you quit the finals this time, I’ll be kind to help you conceal all these, how’s that?” She had made full preparations and the competition was going to begin, yet Isabel wanted her to quit at a moment like this. It was the most demonic thing she had ever seen. Florence stared at her with rage. “You did this on purpose? You heard our conversations that day, yet you choose to tell me before the finals start. ”“Yes, indeed. I want you to experience wholeheartedly the despair whereby success is right in front of you, yet you could only choose to give up. ” With a ferocious look, Isabel spoke with a cruel tone of voice. “Or, you could choose not to give up, as long as you don’t mind the old lady know the truth. Your agreement with Ernest is going to expire anyway. ” It was going to expire, but it was not yet expired. Even if there was only one day left, she could not let such a thing happen. That was what she had promised Ernest. With a cadaverous face, she could not withstand any longer and she collapsed onto the chair, as if all her energy had been drained at once. “Florence, you could only be trampled by me all your life, and don’t you think of escaping. ” Isabel laughed complacently. She then walked to the clothes worn by the mannequin and cut it with a pair of scissors. That was Florence’s work, the work she did with painstaking effort. She immediately stood up and shouted, “Isabel Hopkins, don’t you touch it!”