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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 45: Their Schemes

There was a 40-year-old woman in professional clothes sitting in the main seat, who was Winnie Clifford, the main leader of the contest. She was wearing very delicate make-up, showing that she was a very shrewd and competent woman. She looked at Florence and said in a cold voice, "You are Florence?" There were a lot of designers on the spot, but Florence was called directly. Florence stopped walking and smiled politely, "Yes. " "Look at this. How do you explain it?" Winnie, with a terrible expression, handed a tablet PC to Florence. Florence took the tablet PC and found a video. Cooper stood beside Florence, frowning, "What’s this?" "I don’t know. " Florence played the video. Familiar pictures suddenly appeared in the video. This was a conversation she had with the security guard when she went into the reference room of the seaside cottage. "Are you here? You look good, so if you sleep with me, I’ll show you the information. " The voice of the security guard came out of the tablet PC. That sentence made other people think that Florence was going to make a deal with that security guard. Florence frowned. Then in the video, after a few words, that security guard began to swear and wanted to rape Florence. Then, the video came to an abrupt end. From the whole process, Florence was struggling and resisting. But, because this was not a complete video, it seemed that Florence took the initiative to find the security guard and wanted to make a deal with him. Winnie looked at Florence coldly and asked her, "Florence, you went to the reference room yesterday and peeked at the information of the design contest, didn't you?" "I did go to the reference room yesterday, but that’s not the fact. " Florence checked the tablet PC, but didn’t see any other videos. She looked directly at Winnie and said, "What about the other videos? I want to see the complete video. " As soon as she finished speaking, there were a lot of contemptuous sighs at the scene. Wasn’t a complete video a porn movie? Florence shamelessly wanted to see the complete video? The organizer didn’t give the complete video for the sake of reputation. Otherwise, Florence didn’t have the chance to stand here. Florence didn’t care what other people thought. Since this video wronged her, she had to use the video to prove her innocence. "Ms. Clifford, where are the other videos?" Once again, Florence asked firmly. Winnie’s eyes were colder when she looked at Florence, as if Florence was a very bad woman. Winnie sneered, "The system was hacked last night

We didn’t see him come back and neither did the security guards. " One of the staff members said angrily. Several other staff members on the scene also nodded in agreement

. Some people were testifying together, which made Florence’s words even falser. Florence was dizzy. It was Channing Lee who cheated her into the information room last night. What was the matter?"Alas!"Isabel, sitting elegantly, suddenly sighed, with her eyes full of disapproval. She deliberately lowered her voice, but everyone could hear her, "Florence, how can you do this again? Two years ago, you were kicked out of the design contest for using disgusting means. Why don’t you repent and change for the better?"Hearing Isabel’s words, Winnie seemed to remember something. She looked at Florence coldly, and said with an undisguised disgust in her voice, "That’s why you were kicked out of the design contest two years ago!"Florence was once kicked out of the design contest, and there was a record of this. But there was no reason recorded in all kinds of information, so Winnie didn’t care about Florence’s previous experience. But what if Florence was kicked out of that contest for this reason?"We won’t allow her to participate in Ovi Fashion Design Contest if she is immoral. Florence, pack your things and leave here. "Winnie’s tone was cold and firm. Florence was stunned. Winnie let her leave?She made many efforts to qualify for this contest, so she couldn’t be kicked out. And if she was kicked out because of this kind of reason, she would never be able to have a foothold in the fashion design industry. Her future would be ruined. "Isabel, don't slander me here. Two years ago, if you didn’t use your power to suppress me, how could I be kicked out of the design contest? I didn’t do anything wrong. It was you who deliberately got my qualification cancelled. "Florence glared at Isabel. Isabel shrugged innocently. "Whatever you say, the fact won’t change. Anyway, two years ago, in order to protect your dignity, the organizers didn’t record the specific reason. "Isabel didn’t retort, which made Florence even more annoying. Winnie’s eyes were colder as she looked at Florence. Florence felt bitter. Two years ago, she was suppressed by power, and now she couldn’t defend herself