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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 562: There Must Be a Miracle

Upon hearing his swear, Florence felt cold all over, her hair standing on end. Benjamin even wanted to destroy the whole Fraser family now. The Fraser family was a huge family isolated from the outworld, whose power could be compared to the Turner family. Both of them were powerful families on top of the world. A single movement would shake the whole world. Although there must be a lot of enemies for this kind of family, the Fraser family had an unshakable base. However, Benjamin had the guts to say something like that. Florence wondered if he had lost his mind because of his hatred, or he was planning some huge conspiracy. Besides, he said he would ruin the Hawkins family in City N. Although Benjamin was like a stray dog now, he was still powerful and wealthy. It might be difficult for him to ruin the Fraser family, but it would be much easier for him to ruin the Hawkins family. Georgia was Ernest’s grandmother who he cared about the most. In the past, she treated Florence well and brought Ernest and her together. How could Florence have the heart to let such a dearly and kind old woman being dragged into the mere? Florence’s eyes twinkled. She gazed at Benjamin. “Benjamin Turner, what else do you want?” Benjamin stared at Florence with cruelness and laughed evilly. “I can tell you -- since you are in my hands, the Fraser family, Stanford Fraser, and your parents would be too afraid to make any movement. They could only obey my orders. ” Florence realized that he wanted to use her to destroy the Fraser family. Her pupils shrank. She trembled. She knew clearly how much her brother and parents loved her and cared about her. If Benjamin would truly use her to deal with them, probably they would. Florence cursed him in anger, “Benjamin Turner, aren’t you afraid of going to hell after you die?” “Ho, the hell?” Benjamin sneered ironically. “Look at me. What’s the difference from living in hell now?” He was alive, but he looked more horrible than a ghost. He was alive, but he was seriously disabled. He could only drag out his feeble existence in a wheelchair. Florence parted her lips. Looking at his terrible face, she couldn’t find the right words to retort him. She had never expected that Benjamin could be still alive when he ran towards the explosion and was injured so seriously. That was an incredible miracle. It was truly a miracle. At the thought of it, Florence was taken aback suddenly. Her eyes were lit up. She stared at Benjamin in excitement. Since he ran towards the explosion and was badly injured, but he still survived, Ernest was stronger than Benjamin in terms of his physical quality and capability

Sweat oozed on her forehead. Her fingers were slightly trembling. She was quite frightened

. Since she was born, she had never done such a crazy thing before. However, she gritted her teeth to suppress the horror in her heart. This could be the only chance for her to escape. She couldn’t be timid or give up. She must escape from here. She must find Ernest!She napped to the maids, “You all, get out of my way and let me out. Otherwise, I’ll kill him. At the worse, we’ll die together!”“Flory, you dare not. ”Benjamin’s neck was bleeding but he looked so calm as if nothing had happened. He sat in the wheelchair motionlessly. His voice was hoarse about he sounded quite affirmative when speaking. “Your hands have never been stained with blood before. You don’t dare to kill anyone. Don’t do such useless things to struggle. Put down the scissors. ”Florence knew that as soon as she put down the scissors, she would be imprisoned by him, and he would use her to harm and ruin the Fraser family. At the thought of it, all the cells on her body resisted it. Although she hadn’t experienced such a thing before, and nor had she even killed a chicken, the life and death of her whole family and the safety of her beloved man were the heavy burdens on her now. She didn’t have any right to retreat. “Benjamin Turner, even a provoked rabbit would bite. If you don’t believe it, just try me!” Florence squeezed the word between her gritted teeth one by one. She looked sharp and decisive without any hesitation. Benjamin looked at her from the side and his heart skipped a beat. His eyes twinkled. He couldn’t insist that Florence didn’t have the guts. Right then, she had reddish eyes, looking like a furious wild cat with sharp paws that she had been hiding. She looked fierce and determined. She looked more stunning than before. If she were not threatening his life with the scissors, Benjamin would probably appreciate her braveness right now. “Flory, you have parents and brother who love you very much and so do you have Ernest. You are a superior woman from a famous family. You have the most perfect and happiest life. “Are you will you to risk your life and die with me for such a man lingering on with my last breath of life?“I don’t think it’s a good deal,” said Benjamin steadily. He tried to convince Florence