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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 154: They Will Be in Trouble

Florence was no longer anxious. She finally passed the unsettling atmosphere of the past hour and no longer felt afraid at that moment. She leaned her head into his arms and finally couldn’t help but cry out. She thought no one would rescue her in time. Luckily, he had come to save her. She didn’t even dare to think what would happen to her if he didn’t show out in time. “It’s alright. I am here. ” Hearing Ernest’s cries, Ernest felt a nagging pain that he never felt before in her heart. While he untied the rope on Florence’s back, he stroked her head with one hand. His voice was so gentle and patient. It was like coaxing a child, even coaxing a woman he loved. “Boohoo…” With someone there to comfort her, Florence couldn’t control her emotions anymore. She cried even louder. She didn’t care about her image in the slightest. She just hugged Ernest and cried uncontrollably. Ernest was kneeling on one knee. His clean suit trousers were stained with dust. Hugging Florence, his suit was stained with a lot of stains and blood. He, who was a clean freak, had never been in such a mess. However, at that moment, he didn’t care about anything. He just concentrated on comforting her woman in his arms. He didn’t know how long it took, but Florence finally stopped crying and she lay weakly in his arms. She was so weak that she fell asleep, but she didn’t dare to sleep and tried to keep herself awake. She couldn’t feel relieved until they left the place. Her hands were holding Ernest’s arm tightly as if that was the only way she could feel a little more at ease. Ernest let her hug him and picked her up. With a cold expression, he strode his long legs and walked towards the outside. When they left, Florence glanced in the direction of the yellow-haired man. He was still lying on the ground, with blood on his mouth and his eyes closed. She was amazed at how strong Ernest’s kick was, and how he had knocked the man unconscious. “Did you bring anyone here? Any police? They are fugitives from murder and they should be arrested. ” Florence reminded Ernest, and just as she opened her mouth, she realized that her voice was hoarse, as a result of shouting so much earlier that she had a sore throat. Ernest lowered his head. He wanted to kill them and the murderous intent could be seen through his eyes

He had saved her life today, and she owed him more than just a thank you. After getting into the car, Ernest kept holding Florence in his arms, letting her lie in the most comfortable position. Florence was so tired

. She gradually settled down after leaving the horrible place and she fell asleep in his arms immediately. She still dreamt that she was kidnapped by those men who wanted to do something bad to her and kill her. She was scared and hid everywhere, but she couldn’t hide and was caught again and again. “No, please don’t…Help…help…help me…”Florence struggled in fear, crying out and praying for someone to save her. Her hands were even involuntarily waving in the air, panicking like a drowning person who would be pulled down by the water and drowned. At that moment, a broad palm held her hand. He held her tightly, and his other hand gently traced across her brow. “It’s over. I’m here. ”The man’s voice was low and warmth overflowed her heart again. Holding his hand, her intense emotions gradually calmed down. Her furrowed brow loosened a little. It was a while before she settled down to sleep again. Her hand, however, was still holding Ernest tightly, not daring to let go even when she fell asleep. Ernest let her hold his arm. His gaze darkened as he looked at the bruises on her face, The aura around him became colder and more dangerous. She was somebody that he never hurt even with his little finger, and the few men hurt her like this. God knew how much he wanted to kill them the first time he saw her in the old factory, killing them like a dog. But now, he’d changed his mind, and he wanted them to live as if they were dead. “Push. ”The door to the room was gently pushed open from outside. Charlotte stood in the doorway, looking at Ernest holding Florence’s hand. Her expression changed strangely. She then said in a very soft voice, “Brother-in-law, Ma’am Georgia and my parents are here. They ask you to go down for a moment. ”Ernest didn’t move, and his low voice didn’t allow her to rebut his sentence. “Tell them to wait. ”“But, Ma’am Georgia…”“Get out. ”He scolded her impatiently. His voice was cold.