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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 633 Things Turned Around

Her resolution even made him feel dangerous. He had no idea what Florence was thinking, but he was sure it was definitely not a good thing. Collin, with a worried look, came to Stanford and patted his shoulder while he sighed, “You like it or not, it is the result. ” Even if Stanford didn’t want to accept it, he was unable to change the fact and Florence’s attitude. Emotions flickered in Stanford’s eyes. He was regret and helpless looking at Florence holding Ernest’s hand tightly. Even death couldn’t part them. There was nothing in this world that could make them break up anymore. Although Stanford didn’t like Ernest, at this moment, facing their strong relationship, he couldn’t find any excuse to stop them. He turned his cold eyes to Ernest and warned him threateningly word by word, “If you dare to harm Flory, you’ll be dead. ” Ernest was a little stunned. Under such circumstances, what Stanford said to him meant …. He accepted the relationship between Florence and him? But how could it be? He was in poor health and had a grim future. Stanford loved his sister so much that he would never allow her to get in trouble. Unless …. Ernest’s pupils dilated and his entire body became tight. Stanford wore a cold and spoke to Collin reluctantly, “You tell it. ” Collin, “…. ” Collin shrugged his shoulders, understanding that he was the cause of the mess and he had to clear it up. “Cough. ” Collin cleared his throat, forced a smile, and looked at Florence gently, “Flory, Ernest only has three years left, but I can save his life. ” He paused for a while and then added, “And help him with his infertility. ” Florence got stiffened instantly and couldn’t believe what she heard. Looking at Collin’s smile, she felt she was in a dream made up of a lie. Her eyes were filled with emotions and she asked in a shaking voice, “Really?” She had suffered great sorrow, but now she was filled with joy. Looking at her surprised yet uneasy face, Collin felt a little guilty

Ernest tightened his strong arms around Florence’s waist. They held each other tightly and kissed each other passionately as if it were the last minute of their life. Stanford watched them kissing in the public and was outraged immediately

. He was so regretted that he wanted to destroy something, but he held his anger when he thought of his previous decision. He accepted their relationship so Ernest would be his brother-in-law soon. He had to forgive him this time. The people of the Turner family also had been on an emotional roller coaster. They wore complex faces and looked at the two lovebirds hugging each other out of excitement, feeling excited and couldn’t calm down. Theodore was uneasy and hesitated for a while before he asked in a hoarse voice, “Mr. Campbell, Ernest really can be cured?”Collin was annoyed by people questioning his medical knowledge so he casted his cold eyes to Theodore and sneered, “I can save any patient who is alive. ”Arrogant. Reckless. Whatever, Collin’s words brought hope. Theodore didn’t mind his rudeness and continued anxiously, “But there had never been treatment to cure the genetic disease running in the Turner family except by marrying the Fraser family’s daughter to get the blood on the umbilical cord of the newborn baby. ”He paused and then asked nervously, “Or Mr. Campbell has figured out another method?”Theodore could hardly breath when he asked. All the people of the Turner family were nervous and anxious, staring at Collin directly. If there were any other methods to cure the disease, the Turner family would have a great opportunity to become stronger. With its strong background and power, the Turner family had been one of the families standing on the top of the world. The Turner family had been as strong as the Fraser family, but in fact, the Turner family had always been contained by the Fraser family because the genetic disease could only be cured by marring the Fraser family’s daughter. If there were any other way to cure the disease, the Turner family wouldn’t have to be connected with the Fraser family by marriage and would be completely free. And any future heirs carrying the disease could be cured and survive with a one hundred percent success rate. The Turner family would be stronger and more prosperous.