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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 501: This Is Only the Beginning

"Too happy?" Stanford saw Collin dazing off and urged, "If there's no problem, go get the disinfectant right now. " Collin pressed his lips, "I'm being merciful for not choking her to death, and you want me to treat her?" He was no kind person. Stanford frowned and his tone changed into an ordering mode. "Bring it over within a minute. " And he refused to look at Collin anymore but stared at Phoebe's ankle with his deep eyes. He tried to untangle the wires lightly, "Don't move, it won't take long. " Collin was annoyed and kept cursing inwardly. Instead of disinfectant, he would like to apply poison on Phoebe's ankle to worsen the injuries! But he changed his mind immediately. He had never seen Stanford being so concerned about a woman. And the way he untangled the wire so delicately, afraid to make her pain was unusual. Collin swore he had never seen him like this before. Phoebe stared at the man before her eyes blankly, her heart beating quicker by second. Even though she was injured, but the pain was nothing compared to the astonishment and joy she was feeling. It was rare to see Stanford being so gentle and caring. In addition, he was so protective just now, ordering Collin fiercely and saved her. "Stanford, thanks to you I'm still alive now. I've nothing but my body to pay you back, what do you think?" Stanford's action of untangling the wire froze, he felt like he had been stroke by lightning. He looked nervous, his lips trembled and his body felt strange. He didn't know how to handle this feeling. "Don't think too much, Collin didn't intend to kill you. " Stanford uttered the words anxiously then lowered his head and continued untangling. But his action was no longer as calm as before. Collin who was still there raised his eyebrows and said honestly, "I did intend to kill her just now. " Phoebe stunned, Collin looked like a gentleman but underneath the vessel lived a dangerous monster

Darn. It was just a hug, why did he have such a huge response? No, he had never been this close to a woman, that’s why he responded differently! Stanford frowned and turned to Collin. “You have ten seconds left

. ” His tone was full of threats. Collin pouted his lips, he was not pleased. It wasn’t a serious injury, but this was the first time Stanford was embarrassed. It was a waste to miss it. And he wasn’t sure what was happening to Stanford yet, he treated Phoebe so differently. Seeing Collin froze in the same spot, Stanford’s face stiffened even more. He transferred all the strange feeling into anger and looked at Collin. “Five more seconds, bring the disinfectant or go to Africa. ” “What? Sending me to Africa because of a bottle of disinfectant!” Collin was annoyed too. Stanford was too mean. He didn’t waste another second and rushed to get the medicine. Florence held Ernest up and stood in front of the machinery room. She saw Collin rushing over and asked, “Collin, are you free to treat Clarence?” Collin didn’t stop, he headed straight to the medicines room and answered, “I’m not free, go see the doctor next door. ” Florence was happy and looked at the rushing Collin, she then let out a sigh. “But I don’t trust other doctors. ” “They can handle light injury, I will take over later…” He rushed out from the medicine room and speed back to Phoebe. Florence and Ernest stood at the door watching three of them in the machinery room, it seemed they need more time. She turned and smiled at Ernest. “You were right. ” She had never expected that Phoebe could make a mess and kept both Stanford and Collin busy. Especially, Stanford, he cared so much about Phoebe!Ernest stared at Stanford with a smiley face, “This is only the beginning