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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 171: This Medicine was Definitely Not a Good Thing

In the study room… Ernest had to deal with his work, so he walked into the study as usual. But today, there seemed to be something different in the study. He looked sideways and saw a petite figure wearing a blue dress standing in front of the bookshelf . She was wobbling in the ladder and was struggling to reach the books above. Ernest was familiar with this dress. It was one of Florence favorite dress. He frowned instantly and hurried to her side. “Why did you come over here by yourself?” It looked like the woman on the ladder was startled when she heard his voice. She suddenly slipped and fell from the ladder. Ernest’s eyebrows rose instantly, “Be careful!” He rushed over and caught her before she fell to the ground. The woman’s delicate body fell into his arms, accompanied with a faint sweet smell of fragrance. The unfamiliar scent made Ernest’s brow wrinkled instantly, “Why are you wearing perfume…” Before he finished his words, he stopped. Only then he looked at the woman in his arms, the eyes and brows that this woman had do not belong to Florence, but Charlotte. Charlotte looked shocked and she held onto Ernest’s neck in fear. Her face looked so scared and timid, which made people feel distressed just by looking at her. Her voice was even sweeter and shier, “Ernest, thank you for saving me. I was nearly scared to death, well…” As she was saying this, her eyes reddened, like she was going to cry. Her watery eyes made her looked even more pitiful. But Ernest’s face was only left with sullenness and coldness. As soon as he threw her on the sofa, he stepped away from her, he instantly pulled away the distance between them. Later, he took off his jacket and threw it away. Then, he took a wet paper towel and wiped his hands thoroughly. He acted like he had touched something dirty just now. Charlotte was lying on the sofa. She was stunned when she saw Ernest’s action. Her aggrieved and pitiful expression eventually stiffened and her red cheeks turned pale. She put great efforts to plan to act a drama of falling into Ernest’s arms. However, she finally got close to him, but she still didn’t get the chance to do something with him… He actually threw her. By the look on his face, he seemed to be disgusted when he touched her, like he touched a dirty trash. Charlotte felt extremely ashamed. Her tears literally fell down because of embarrassment. “Ernest, are you that disgusted when you touched me?” Ernest threw away the wet tissue. When he looked at Charlotte again, his eyes were filled with coldness, “Get out. ” Those icy words were said without a trace of emotions. Charlotte reluctantly wiped away her tears, “Ernest…” “You are not allowed to enter the study ever again. ” He said coldly and walked out of the study. He didn’t take a look at Charlotte at all

He seemed to be sorry for himself. Florence, “Uh, uh, uh!”What was there for him to be sorry for himself?From the first time he met her, he had already done something excessive to her. The second they met in the mall, he deliberately chased her in a place where there were so many people

. This time, he was even more outrageous. He went through the window and came into the house directly. Collin was really a pervert to her now. Florence remembered at the things that he had done to her and she started to struggle even more. “Stop moving. Or else your wound will bleed again. ”Collin persuaded her gently, but his hands were still grabbing hers and wouldn’t let go. His words and action were incompatible. In Florence’s heart, she didn’t trust him at all. However, the strength of men was way bigger than women. In addition, Collin was good in combat skills. She was simply not capable to be his opponent. After struggling for a long time, it was still useless. Collin finally waited until Florence was tried from struggling. He tentatively asked again, “Flory, I really came to visit you only. I will definitely not do anything to you. I’ll let go of you, can you not shout?”Florence thought for a while, and then she nodded. Only then, Collin carefully released his hand that was covering her mouth. As soon as he released, Florence instantly shouted at the top of her lungs. “Er… Um!”This time was even faster. Just when she opened her mouth, Collin immediately covered her mouth again. Florence was so depressed. She stared fiercely at Collin. What the hell was this bastard trying to do?She couldn’t shout to inform Ernest. She was all alone in this room with him, what else could she do?Florence’s mind was turning quickly, trying to figure a way out nervously. Collin saw her rolling her eyes. From that, he knew what she was thinking. He sighed helplessly and then pulled out an unbranded medicine from his pocket with one hand. Then he unscrew the bottle…Florence started to struggle fiercely and looked at the medicine bottle in horror. It turned out this bastard was here for this purpose!This medicine was definitely not a good thing. She didn’t know what the consequences would be after taking it. Florence was terribly scared