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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 182: This Time? This Time!

Much to Ernest’s surprise, Florence cared so much about what happened that night. Did it make her feel embarrassed? “Do you think that night was a shame for you?” Those words were squeezed from Ernest’s throat. He had thought that she was just frightened, so she wasn’t willing to face the fact about what happened that night. Unexpectedly, it had made such a big impact on her. It was just like a black curtain falling from the sky, completely covering the sky of her world. From then on, only the endless darkness was left in her world. Florence was unwilling to recall that night. Moreover, she didn’t want to mention it to this man. However, she had already disclosed part of her secret. All her embarrassments had been presented to him. She felt like a fish stranded on the beach, which could only be under the blazing sun for quite a long time without any choice. Florence gritting her teeth. “Yes, it was. ” Having no guts to look at him, she lowered her head. “You must think I’m quite dirty. You are such a noble man, but you have a fiancee like me. ” “I don’t mind,” Ernest interrupted Florence before she could finish her words. His fingers pressed on her shoulders slightly drew together. He stared at her, looking extremely solemn. “You are the woman I want. No matter who you are, you are always beautiful in my heart. ” Ernest had never said such sweet words before. Now, he just spoke them to her so naturally. It was so pleasant to hear that Florence’s heart couldn’t help hammering. Florence was in shock. Looking at him, she doubted if she was in a dream as she felt so unreal. Without thinking anything, she blurts out a line, “But, you didn’t touch me last night. ” “I don’t want to hurt you. ” Ernest’s tone was so firm. After a pause, he added, “And this time, I wanted to save it until our wedding night. ” Wedding night. It sounded so ambiguous and seductive. However, she couldn’t understand what he meant by “this time”. She wondered if there was the “last time”. Florence’s heart hammered. She felt moved and puzzled. When she was about to ask him, suddenly they heard a phone ringing. The romantic atmosphere was destroyed completely in an instant. It was not until now did Florence realize that she and Ernest were way too close. They were face-to-face as if they would kiss at any time. It was indeed. Florence suddenly blushed

Since Charlotte made such a farce, Nicholas and Melissa were the ones in the dilemma only. Florence didn’t have the heart to make her foster parents troubled. After a moment of silence, she said, “Mom, please don’t worry

. I’ll go home soon. ” After hanging up the phone, Florence was about to tell Ernest that she was going back home, Ernest had already stood up. “I’ll drive you home. ”His tone was clear and firm as if it was something that he should do naturally. Florence was in a daze for a second, feeling warmth in her heart. Later, sitting in Ernest’s car, Florence went back to the Fraser family’s house. Before going inside, she saw her belongings thrown out at the door. Inside the house, Charlotte’s continuous curses and yells were heart all the time. Without a glance, Florence knew how chaotic it was in the house now. Florence felt quite annoyed. Still, she remained a polite smile. She said to Ernest, “Mr. Hawkins, thanks for driving me home. It’s quite inconvenient today. Please excuse me for not inviting you to my house. ”Ernest was standing next to his car. Taking a glance at Florence’s belongings that had been thrown out, his eyes darkened. With a deep voice, he said, “Please go ahead. ”She understood that Ernest wanted to save her dignity, so he didn’t question her about anything and nor would he go in. Florence nodded at him. “Thank you. ”After finishing her words, she turned around and was about to leave. Right then, a big hand grabbed her from behind. Ernest stared at her deeply. With a low and deep voice, he said, “Be careful. ”The two simple words made Florence’s heart and soul tremble. He was worried about her. Such a feeling was like the electric current going through her heart and body, suddenly making her lost. Florence nodded in a panic. She withdrew her hand and rushed towards her house. The closer she was to the door, the harsher the curses she could hear. Florence’s heart kept sinking, feeling as if a heavy stone was pressing on her body, which made her difficult to move each step. However, she had to confront it. Inhaling deeply, she tried her best to hide her emotion. Then she pushed the door open. “Swoosh--”As soon as she walked in, a vase flew towards her, smashing on her face. “Watch out!”Both Nicholas and Melissa let out a loud cry, their eyes widened in horror