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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 172: This Unexpected Man

She struggled fiercely, but she was still no match for Collin’s strength. She saw him opened the medicine bottle, then his index finger took some white cream from it and reached towards her. “!!!” He was indeed a pervert! Florence’s whole body was tensed and stiffened in fear. She could only watch Collin’s finger, with that cream on it, getting closer and closer to her. In a blink of an eye, the cream was right in front of her eyes. She was doomed. She was going to die in the hands of a pervert. Florence was frightened and despair. She stared hard and saw that Collin applied the cream on the wounds on her arms that had not been fully healed. It felt unlike the medicine she applied daily, it always gave her a slight sting. This cream felt icy cold. Later, she saw Collin continued to apply more cream on those wounds that hadn’t recover. What was this pervert doing? “Don’t worry, this is for your wounds. It is a dozen time better than ordinary medicine. I’m sure that your wounds will be all healed by tomorrow. ” Collin said with conviction. His action of applying the cream continued without stopping. Florence’s heart was surprised like she was on a roller coaster. So, this pervert had not come to harm her? But to heal her wounds? Florence looked at him, she was so surprised. And Collin had actually let go of her mouth when she was lost in her thoughts. He saw that Florence didn’t scream immediately, so he stopped worrying and used both hands to apply the ointment on her. Of course, he could only apply those exposed area. After he finished, he looked at the wounds on her neck and smiled slyly, “There should be wounds inside too. Do you want me to apply it for you too?” “Get lost! You rascal!” Florence cursed with her red cheeks. She instantly moved to the other end of the bed, keeping a distance with Collin. But she still didn’t scream for help. She only looked at him warily and said, “Why are you here? What’s your intention?” “To bring you medicine. ” Collin waved the medicine bottle in his hand. There was a rare sincerity in his eyes. The corner of Florence’s mouth twitched. This guy was a pervert, she wouldn’t trust his words. “Since the medicine has been delivered, you can leave now. ” She directly wanted him to go. Instantly, Collin looked like his was hurt by her words. “Dear Florence, why are you so heartless? I have come a long way to bring you medicine and you didn’t even thank me. At least let me have a glass of water before I leave

“She an unkind sister, remember to send her away as fast as possible, okay?”Collin reminded. Then, he put the medicine bottle into Florence’s hand. “Remember to apply the medicine

. I will see you next time. ”Collin said goodbye to Florence and flipped out of the window again skillfully. That tall figure vanished instantly from her sight. Florence looked at the direction of the window in a daze. Collin really didn’t do anything to her this time. Hence, her alertness toward him was also reduced a lot. What made her heart more upset was another problem. That was, Charlotte had such thoughts about Ernest. It was true that she couldn’t allow Charlotte to stay here any longer. Florence was quick in dealing with things. She called Charlotte, who was still in the house, to the room. Charlotte was still wearing the blue dress, with a thick foundation on her face and lipstick on her lips. She looks the same as usual, but more energetic after make-up. Just a closer look at her, Florence was able to notice her eyes were a little bit swollen. She seemed like she had just cried. “Sis, what’s the matter?”Charlotte had a smile on her face as she walked towards Florence’s bed. If it weren’t for Collin’s reminder, and if Florence didn’t look carefully, she may be fooled by her look. Florence looked at Charlotte with a heavy heart. She hesitated for a moment and said, “I just called mom, and she missed you a lot. Your holidays are short too, so go back and accompany mom and dad. ”“I don’t want to go back. ”Charlotte refused without even thinking about it. She felt that she was a little decisive after she said that, and she hurriedly made up for it, “Sis, you are injured, and it’s not convenient for you to move around. So, I need to be here to take care of you. ”If it was in the past, Florence would really believe what she said. But now…Florence shook her head, “I’ve almost recovered. Furthermore, you couldn’t do much to help even though you’re here. ”“But…”“Okay, that’s it. I’ll have someone to bring you home tomorrow. Go and pack your luggage. ”Florence interrupted Charlotte’s words and made a resolute decision