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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 161: This Was Scaring

Being held in his arms, Florence uncontrollably was greeted by the man’s strong hormone. It was so sexy and charming. “Yeah. ” Florence struggled with uneasiness and wanted to leave his embrace. But Ernest’s arms were so powerful and she failed. He then walked towards the bathroom. Because Ernest was tall, the space in the bathroom appeared to be narrow when Ernest came in. It also felt repressive. Florence felt nervous and hastily said, “I can stand under the shower head and take a shower by myself. Put me down here. ” The bathroom was the most private place. She felt uncontrollably nervous when staying together with Ernest in the bathroom. Ernest gazed at her and his gaze became erotic. He refused Florence with a resolute tone, “You have wounds on your body and they can’t touch the water. So you can’t take a shower. ” When speaking, he walked to the bathtub with Florence in his embrace and put Florence beside the bathtub. When seeing the bathtub, Florence subconsciously reminisced about the shameful scene happened between her and Ernest in the bathtub last time… She instantly flushed and hurriedly pushed him away, “I know it. I’ll try not to let my wounds be splashed by the water as possible. ” Florence thought that Ernest would have gone out, but unexpectedly, she saw Ernest naturally turning on the faucet of the bathtub to full the bathtub with water. He even prepared the water for her? The gurgling sound of the water was like an ambiguously romantic rhythm and sounded so heart-thrilling. Florence felt flustered when hearing it. After a short while, the bathtub was filled with water. Ernest turned off the faucet, took a white towel and wet it, and then turned around and fixed his eyes on Florence who was sitting on the edge of the bathtub. “Take off your clothes. ” Florence blinked her eyes and gazed at him in astonishment. What did he mean by saying that? Ernest said patiently in a deep voice, “You can’t take a bath now and I can only wipe your body. ” Florence was still in a dumbfounded state and simply gazed at the towel in his hand. Even if she could only wipe her body, what the hell was going on? He stood in front of her with a towel and asked her to take off her clothes? Could it be that he wanted to help her wipe her body? Ernest seemed to have seen through Florence mind. He looked at her and said in a natural tone as if it was a very normal thing, “I wiped your body when you’re asleep. ” Florence instantly flushed crimson up to her ears. He not only bandaged her wounds, but also wiped her body? It was him who helped her to do those things? Then had he seen all parts of her body, including those private parts? Oh, so embarrassing! Florence felt so embarrassed that she even wanted to sail into the water and drown herself. “I… I can do it by myself

He saw her tender and small back. She was straightening her back and although there was a scar on it, it did not affect her charm. A gush of sexual desire rose in Ernest’s body uncontrollably

. This woman was like an addictive to him. She was so charming and he was so addictive to her. Ernest took a deep breath and suppressed his sexual desire with great effort and then walked to Florence. When feeling his approach, Florence became more tensed up. Holding a bath towel in her arms, Florence tried to cover her body with towel as possible. But when thinking that she would have to expose her whole back to Ernest and then Ernest would wipe her back, Florence flushed and hoped so much that she could disappear into the thin air. Ernest raised his hand and gently wiped her back with the warm towel. Sometimes his fingers would unintentionally and gently skim over her back, but Florence felt that they almost burnt her skin like flames. Florence’s heartbeat quickened. What the hell, he was not torturing her back, he was torturing her. Florence gritted her teeth, trying hard to suppress the shameful reaction of her body and wished so much that this torture could end as soon as possible. She thought to herself, “I will not get myself wounded in the future. Even if I’m injured, I will not let Ernest know about that, not to mention letting him take care of me. ”However…Would they have a shared future?Their families were preparing for their wedding ceremony, and this might be the last chance for them to get along with each other alone. Florence inexplicably felt upset and uncomfortable as if there was a big stone on her chest. Ernest carefully cleaned Florence’s back and then covered a bath towel on her back. “I’ll wait for you outside. Call me when you dress yourself. ”After finishing the words, he strode out of the bathroom without giving any time for Florence to react. With the closing sound of the door, there was only Florence left in the bathroom. Florence inexplicably felt empty in such a large space. She turned around and gazed at the door blankly, feeling more depressed. This didn’t belong to her. Even if they had some happy moments before, they would disappear in the future. This was the real relationship between her and Ernest. …During the recent two days when Florence was recovering from the injuries, Ernst took care of her carefully as if she was a patient in serious condition. He didn’t allow her to move rashly and would carry her no matter whether she wanted to go; he didn’t allow her to exert force and took care of her during the whole process of every meal; he even carefully changed her medicine and gauzes in person. Florence, who felt flattered and astonished at the beginning, gradually became accustomed to his care…