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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 532: Threatening and Taking Pictures

“These people are really deranged. They used some kind of horrible glue to clean up my wounds even though it hurt like hell. ” They had put on a layer of makeup on his face after it, so it looked like there were no wounds on his face. Coupled with that ridiculing way of speaking, it was indeed Clarence. Florence felt even more disturbed in her heart. Forcing her to dress up in this skirt and dressing Clarence up specially. What exactly was Benjamin going to do? Looking at Florence’s suspicious gaze, Benjamin explained this very empathetically, “Flory, Stanford still doesn’t know where you and Clarence are traveling to. Take a picture and send it to him. ” With that, Benjamin handed over the phone to Florence. Florence understood suddenly. She felt like the reason behind this was to take an affectionate photo of her and Clarence as a couple very much in love to deceive Stanford. The better her photos were taken; the less Stanford will doubt anything. Benjamin turned out to be really good at this! Florence narrowed her eyes as she looked at the phone being offered. She had another plan in her heart. Now, Benjamin wasn’t only holding her and Clarence in his claws but also planning to scheme Ernest. This cellphone was his current tool. Florence would much rather personally fall into a mishap, than to cause harm to Ernest’s reputation. She was frightened and worried, but she still felt ruthless. This was a rare opportunity. The ocean wasn’t far away from her. She could throw the phone into the ocean while Benjamin wasn’t paying attention. Once the cellphone was gone, Ernest wouldn’t be able to contact her and would know that something was wrong with her! This decision was very risky. It was definitely going to anger Benjamin and was also going to make her lose any opportunity to find help. However, Florence gritted her teeth, but she had already made the decision. Looking at the phone that was being handed over, she grabbed it. Then she quickly turned and ran towards the yacht’s railing. Her speed was fast and urgent. She raised her hand to throw the phone away. However, Benjamin’s cold voice came floating from behind her. “Throw it of you dare. ” Florence, who was about to throw the phone away, stiffened suddenly. She could feel a bone-splitting chill behind her. She kept her posture with her hand raised and looked around. The scene she witnessed almost made her blood stop in her veins. Benjamin held a sharp dagger against Clarence’s chest

I will take it. It will assure my brother of my safety. ” Clarence was upset

. He knew very well that if it wasn’t for him, Florence would not have been threatened and restricted like this everywhere. But with his life in Benjamin’s hand, what could he do? When Benjamin saw the both of them looked like leaves shriveled up by frost, he finally took the dagger away looking confident. While taking his hand away, he slipped the dagger near Clarence’s neck threateningly. Clarence suddenly got goose bumps. He felt angry, annoyed and afraid. If it weren’t for his usefulness now, he didn’t doubt even an ounce that Benjamin would have definitely killed him. He wouldn’t have been lenient at all. When Benjamin left, Florence immediately walked to Clarence and looked at him in worry. “Are you okay?”Clarence shook his head, “I’m fine. ”“But you… if you take a picture for Stanford and he believes that we were traveling, I am afraid he would really not be able to rescue you. ”He and Florence had no power and Stanford was their only chance to be rescued. Florence felt really desperate but the smile was still on her face. “There will always be a chance. ”There was always a chance of survival before the end. Florence comforted Clarence and also herself. “If you are done talking nonsense, then just take the pictures quickly. ”Benjamin sat on the chair like a grumpy uncle, shaking the glass of cocktail in his hand and urging impatiently. Florence held the phone tightly, her heart feeling heavy. She knew that she had no choice. She looked at Clarence and said, “Pretend for a bit. ”Clarence nodded stiffly. Florence turned on the phone and saw that there were no signals on it. Obviously, Benjamin had cut off the signals incase she tried to find help. His mind was really terrifying. *Click* Click* *Click*Florence took a few pictures casually and handed the phone back to Benjamin. “All right. ”Benjamin took the phone, opened the album and scanned it. Then he said in a dissatisfied tone, “You guys look so sullen in these. Do you think these can be used?”Florence was expressionless, “I have cooperated as much as possible. What more do you want?”She did smile, but under such circumstances her smile was also stiff. What else could she do?Not caring about anything, Benjamin coldly ordered, “I said, take them again!”