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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 709 Three Requirements

Ernest's mouth twitched slightly. Was she complimenting herself or admitting her mistake? She was proud of being loved by a strange man? Noticing that the man's anger seemed to be growing a little more, Florence was worried. How could Ernest be so difficult? She quickly explained, "No, no, no. That man must be blind so he has a crush on me. " Ernest's mouth twitched again. His anger couldn't die down at all. Was he also blind for having a crush on Florence? Ernest didn't want to talk to Florence anymore. Otherwise he would be pissed off. "Just dance," said Ernest stiffly, and continued to dance with Florence. Florence refused. The rock-and-roll dance was going to turn her into a fool. She was hooking Ernest tighter than ever, like an octopus. "I won't dance. I won't let go until you forgive me. " Ernest looked down at her small head and his anger had abated a lot. "We're still on the dance floor. Everyone's watching us," said he calmly. Florence froze, turned her head slightly away, and then saw that the people around were still dancing, while she. If she didn't let go of Ernest, she and Ernest would become the focus of all the attention. Florence blushed and released Ernest, looking at him embarrassingly. Ernest took Florence's hand and continued to dance with her, who was not very good at dancing. There were some differences between rock-and-roll dance and other dances. It was fiercer, messier and more chaotic. So even if he had been hugged by Florence, no one would have paid much attention to them. Florence didn't know any of this. She only felt the dance was both disgusted and scared, which was literally challenging her physical limits. She held Ernest's hand very tight and looked at him pitifully. "Can you be gentler?" Ernest paused as he tried to walk. Looking at the woman's pathetic face, he could only listen to her

It hurt a little. Florence was flustered. "I've declined him many times, but he didn't listen to me

. I have no way out so I made up and excuse that I have to get your consent. Then he brought me here. "Ernest's face was as gloomy as a cloud before a storm. He stopped short and stared at Florence. "He's been pestering you since the evening?"Looking at Ernest's dark and murderous eyes, Florence flinched and dared not answer. She thought she was walking on thin ice today. "Bro. "At this time, Hector, who wore a smile on his face, trotted over in high spirits and leaned over to Florence. Ernest's face darkened again and he pulled Florence behind him. "We're not familiar enough for you to call me bro," Ernest reminded him coldly. Hector was still smiling, "Never mind. I'll call you so in the future. "Hector wasn't aware of Ernest's strong aura and said sincerely, "What are your requirements? Flory and I love each other, and I want to marry her as soon as possible. "Standing behind Ernest, Florence got goose bumps all over. Could the brainless Duke not say so? It was very dangerous. She could feel the terrible rage in Ernest. Ernest's mouth curled up. "I have three requirements," he said slowly. "If you are in a hurry, you can drop them. "How could he give up?Hector said seriously, "Just tell me. I'll do it. "In his life, he had never met such an interesting woman as Florence. Although he only spent a few hours with her, he was obsessed with her. He had to marry her, no matter what it would take