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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 640: Through Life Together

“Clarence, if you fall in love with a woman truly, I can help you win her heart at all cost. How about this?” Florence suppressed all her emotions, smiling at Clarence, “When you get married, I’ll also be your bridesmaid. I’ll provide the whole service for you and your future wife. What do you say?” Clarence stared at Florence bitterly. The woman he loved truly? He didn’t think that Florence could help him win her heart in person. Still, he curled up his lips into a delightful smile and answered loudly, “Okay, deal! You should be responsible for my future wife!” Looking at Clarence’s expectant face, Florence finally felt much better, not so depressed as before. At least, she could do something to make it up to him. For finding his future wife, she had already started thinking about the candidates. Phoebe looked at Clarence up and down with a complicated expression. According to how much she knew about her cousin, he didn’t mean that he would truly marry someone. She wondered why he would have to say that to Florence. Since they entered his room earlier, Clarence’s behaviors and attitude were quite abnormal. While Phoebe was thinking in confusion, two tall and strong men showed up at the door of the room. Their strong auras were emanated, making the atmosphere in the room more stressed. Ernest walked to Florence, reached out to put his arm on her shoulders, and pulled her into his arms. He said in a deep voice, “Florence, your parents are expecting you now. ” Clarence watched Ernest’s movements, and his eyes were darkened. Although he still kept a perfect smile, his temperament became depressed. Phoebe squinted at him. In Ernest’s arms, Florence realized what he and she would face. They would go to tell her parents the truth and ask them for permission to let them be together. It would be extremely difficult to succeed. Florence couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Her attention was completely distracted. She looked at Ernest with her twinkling eyes and asked, “How certain are you in this matter?” Ernest pressed his thin lips, “Not much. ” Florence’s eyes sparkled fiercely. Subconsciously, she tightened her grip on Ernest’s hand. Since Ernest said that he wasn’t quite certain, she wondered if her parents would agree with them. What should they do if her parents wouldn’t? They couldn’t waste any time because of Ernest’s current health condition. Florence felt so worried and uneasy. With a frown, she said, “Let’s go. Let’s go meet them. ” No matter how it would end, they must meet her parents. Ernest nodded. With Florence in his arms, he turned around and left the room

She couldn’t help feeling uneasy. Ernest sensed her emotion change. He tightened his grip on her hand

. He whispered to her, “Don’t be afraid. I’m with you. ”She could leave everything to him and just feel relaxed. Florence looked at Ernest with her twinkling eyes. Suddenly, she had some confidence. Although she hadn’t seen her parents so solemn before, as long as Ernest was with her, she wouldn’t be afraid of anything. Florence encouraged herself and walked inside more determinedly. Victoria was sitting there straightened. Looking at the tightly clenched hands of Florence and Ernest, she emanated more of a stressed aura. She said in a cold tone, “I’ve known what has happened between you two. Ernest, I do appreciate that you’ve saved Flory. Our Fraser family can provide you with all conveniences and anything you required. However, we won’t agree you be with Flory. ”She was extremely determined as if her mind couldn’t be changed at all. Florence was surprised. Before coming here, she had already prepared ahead to persuade her parents. However, much to her surprise, she even didn’t speak yet but Victoria had refused them so affirmatively. Her mother had to know everything that happened between Ernest and her, but she still didn’t agree. Florence’s heart was tightened. She tasted bitterness. Ernest tightened his grip on Florence’s arctic cold hand. He glinted at Victoria and Alexander with determination. He said in a deep and affirmative tone, stressing each syllable, “I don’t need any appreciation from you for saving Florence. I don’t have any requirements, either. She’s my girlfriend, so I must protect her with my life. “I came here today to ask you for the permission to let us be together. I want to marry her and spend my life with her together. “Mr. and Mrs. Fraser, please allow me to be responsible for Florence’s rest life. "