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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 212: Throwing Everything Away

“Give me the room card. ” Ernest wasn’t in the mood to listen to her explanation. Without giving her any chance to refuse, he pulled the room card from her hands and swiped on the lock. With a beep, the door was opened. He walked into the suit directly. His pace was steady and elegant, and he looked quite calm as if he was walking into his own room, extremely unrestrained. Florence didn’t know what to say. When this man became overbearing again, he even didn’t give her any chance for breathing. However, he mustn’t stay with her. She was on a business trip together with other coworkers in the company and it was for business. If they knew that Ernest followed her here and stayed with her in the same room, she would feel so ashamed that she’d rather bury herself. As Florence thought, she took a look at the corridor. After confirming that there were no coworkers around, she hurriedly walked over and closed the door. Then she said to Ernest, “Well. ” “Florence Fraser, come over,” the man suddenly called her without waiting for her to finish her words. Whenever he called her full name so seriously, it meant that something bad would happen. She walked over in a hurry, only to find that he was gazing at the skincare and cosmetic products on the dresser, his eyes extremely dangerous. In Ernest’s impression, Florence wasn’t so fickle, so the brands that she always stuck to the brands that she always used. Hence, he remembered some of her habits. However, those bottles and jars on the dresser were quite different from the brand that she always used, and obviously, they were not her style, either. As a smart man, Ernest turned to look at her and asked, “Were they from your so-called friend Mr. Myron?” Although he was asking a question, his tone was affirmative. Florence was embarrassed, wondering why he was so smart. “Yes, they were. ” She dared not to lie. Ernest’s face turned cold instantly, the air around them almost frozen. Florence was so frightened that she hurriedly explained, “Please don’t misunderstand. When I first got here, I didn’t bring any necessities. He just offered me a helping hand. He didn’t have other intentions. Really. ” While speaking, Florence felt a sense of guilt. In the beginning, she didn’t think too much indeed. However, after what Reynold had done that evening, she realized that it was wrong for a woman to accept benefits from a man. It would cause misunderstandings. She wondered if Ernest had misunderstood either. For Ernest, it was far more than a misunderstanding. He was tortured by a flame called jealousy. How could his fiancee, his date, use things from another man? He raised his slender hands and picked up the bottles and jars one after another. Then he tossed them into the garbage can without any hesitation. Seeing, Florence hurriedly grabbed his wrist. “Mr. Hawkins, what are you doing? Those were bought by money

He said in a deep voice, “Go ahead and take a shower. Change your dress. ” He let go of her

. As soon as Florence was free, she trotted into the bathroom while holding the dress. He was way too horrible and dangerous! She had known that he was a horrible man, but he had never been like what he was doing tonight before -- he just rudely tore her dress. The flames in his eyes almost burnt her into ashes. She wondered why he was so pissed off. Although it was not right for her to accept the dresses and the skincare products, it wasn’t that serious, was it?Anyway, she had no guts to challenge his authority anymore. Florence returned to her senses and found that the wall of the bathroom was half-transparent in this hotel. The person outside could see through it completely. Raising her hand, she patted on her chest -- fortunately, she hadn’t taken off clothes yet. Otherwise, that would be extremely embarrassing. “Crack. ” The door of the bathroom was open. Ernest looked over, only to find the woman standing at the door awkwardly, looking quite shy. He frowned. “What’s wrong?”Florence clenched her hands and squeezed a few words from her throat, “I’ll take a shower. Could you go out for a moment?”It wasn’t until Ernest had heard her words did he find that the bathroom walls were glasses. He understood immediately. Pressing his lips, he said, “I’m a gentleman. I won’t peep. ”Florence was almost choked. It was not the problem of whether he would peep or not. “Well, I know you are a gentleman. I just can’t get used to it. ” At the thought of it, Florence felt so embarrassed. Ernest curled his lips up and said lightly, “You’ve been seen for several times. You should be used to it. ”Upon hearing it, Florence blushed in a panic. She couldn’t find the right word to retort. How could he say those things so naturally?Seeing her reddened and nervous face, Ernest felt that she was quite adorable. Although he wouldn’t peep truly, he still agreed. “I don’t like waiting for a long time. Ten minutes only. ”After finishing his words, he strode out of the suit. Florence truly wanted to tell him that ten minutes weren’t enough for a woman to take a shower. However, every single minute of Ernest was quite valuable. How dare she push her luck?As soon as the door was closed, she immediately walked into the bathroom, closed the door, quickly took off everything, and stood under the showerhead. The warm water fell, making her feel cozy. Florence was in a hurry. What if after ten minutes, she still hadn’t finished, but he directly pushed the door open and walked in?