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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 356: Time to Set off

Harold strode over, looking at Florence with a long face. He said jokingly and ironically, “Hi, Mrs. Hawkins. What a coincidence! Nice to see you here. ” Florence was a bit taken aback, feeling quite surprised to see Harold. However, Stanford’s face was darkened. Mrs. Hawkins? What did the brat call Florence? He was unhappy. He asked Florence, “Is this your friend?” Looking at Harold, Florence couldn’t help but think of Ernest, with whom she had nothing to do with now. In this case, was Harold still her friend? At last, she still nodded. She stood up and greeted Harold politely, “Hi Mr. Hammer, nice to see you too. I didn’t know you also like this place. ” “Of course. Otherwise, how could I meet you here? Right, Mrs. Hawkins?” Harold smiled, gazing at Stanford. He asked in a sharp tone, “By the way, Mrs. Hawkins, who is this? I’ve never met him before. Could you do an introduction between us, please?” Harold’s sarcasm made Stanford frown unhappily. His threatening gaze fell on Harold. His gaze was as cold as the arctic ice, stabbing onto Harold. The latter felt a chill rising from his spine. Harold felt frightened. He realized that this man was emanating a strong aura. Harold wondered who he was. Florence didn’t feel their secret fight. Reaching out and holding Stanford’s hand, she made him stand up. Harold looked at their held hands, his face becoming longer. All his fear immediately turned into anger and hostility. No matter how tough this man was, he was Ernest’s rival in love. Harold insisted on being against him. “Mrs. Hawkins, it seems you are quite close to each other. ” Holding his arms, Harold put a wry smile on his face. “Yeah. We’re quite close. ” Florence nodded. She pulled Stanford and took a step forward. “Let me introduce him to you -- he is Stanford Fraser, my older brother. ” “My biological older brother,” added she immediately. Harold was suddenly startled. His folded hands dropped from his chest. He wondered if he had misheard. Florence’s biological older brother? It turned out that the man wasn’t her boyfriend. Harold realized that he had misunderstood. He felt so embarrassed. Immediately, the hostility on his face turned into a bright smile what made his face wrinkled. He wiped his hands several times before reaching out to shake hands with Stanford. “Mr. Fraser, nice to meet you

Why are you so down?” Anthony breathed a sigh of relief, looking disdainfully at Harold, who made him panicked in vain. Harold looked more upset. “Although he’s not her boyfriend, he’s Florence’s biological brother

. And I’ve offended him. ” Anthony was speechless. With a sad face, Harold continued, “I’ve also made trouble for Ernest. If he knew that I’ve offended his future brother-in-law, he would beat me to death. Anthony, you are my best friend. You must protect me. ” “You deserved it,” Anthony snapped in disdain. Raising his head to look over at Florence, he frowned again. He thought for a while and said, “Suddenly Florence’s older brother showed up. I wonder if it’s a good or bad sign. Shall we inform Ernest about it?”“Let’s wait. Not now. ”Harold immediately shook his head and wave his hands. “We’d better tell him a few days later. Florence’s brother was quite angry now. If Ernest knew what I’ve done, it’s not good. ”“You coward. Don’t you tell others you are my friend?”Anthony pushed away Harold in disdain, walking towards their booth. Harold followed him, quite unhappy. “It’s not my fault. You don’t know! Florence’s brother has such a strong temperament. My legs were almost weakened when I looked at him. ”“Honestly, it’s still because you are a coward. ”“Anthony! Shut up!”“Coward. ”--Florence's flight would take off at two o’clock in the afternoon, so she should arrive at the airport at noon. She started packing up her luggage in the morning. She had just moved in, and she didn’t have many belongings. It didn’t take her much time to finishing packing. When she was putting her clothes into the suitcase, she subconsciously looked at the box in the innermost closet. She was a bit stunned. In the box were all things from Ernest. She had put them in the box and ignored them in the past days, but it was still in her room. However, if she left City N, she had to bid them farewell forever. From now on, those things had nothing to do with her, and neither would Ernest. “Flory, have you done?”Stanford walked into the room from the door, only to find Florence standing in front of the closet, lost in thought. He walked over and his big palm fell on her shoulder gently. He patted her. “If you are reluctant to leave, we can come back often in the future. ”“I. I’m fine. ”Florence shook her head, forcibly suppressing her feelings. Since she had decided to leave, she should let it go completely. She just felt a bit sad. “I’m done packing. It’s time to set off