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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 635: Too Cute for Me to Remain Calm

Florence nodded, looking at Ernest determinedly. No matter how difficult it would be, she would definitely be with him together. Ernest gazed at her deeply, curling up his lips into a doting smile. He held her hand more tightly. Stanford stared at them unhappily and said in a cold tone, “Florence, you can’t go to find the herbs now?” “Why not?” Florence blurted out, looking quite anxious. If it weren’t that they still had to stay here to deal with the rest of matters, she would have gone out to look for the herbs with Ernest already. The matter was critical to Ernest’s life and death. She couldn’t wait for another one minute or one second. She must go with Ernest in person. Stanford’s cold gaze swept between them and focused on Ernest. He said in a cold tone, “If you want to be together aboveboard, Ernest, you must obtain our parents’ permission before taking Florence with you. ” Although Stanford agreed to let them be together, Florence must obtain their parents’ permission before she could go out to look for the herbs with Ernest, as she needed to leave the family for a long time and the trip would be quite dangerous. Florence instantly creased her pretty brows. They were still hiding Clarence’s matter from her parents, who might still think that Clarence and she were spending the honeymoon together. They had no idea that she was with Ernest. Although so many things had happened between Ernest and her, for her parents, all of them were based on lies. When they saw Ernest, probably they would still kick him out immediately. She was afraid that it would be quite difficult for her parents to agree. However, Ernest couldn’t have much time to wait now. He only had three years, which could be long and short in different aspects. Those three herbs were so difficult to find. Probably they had to spend one year or two on one of them. Hence, Florence had to leave her family for a few months or even a few years. As their daughter, if she wouldn’t inform her parents, she would be quite unfilial. Florence hesitated, looking disappointed and regretful. Looking at Florence’s expression, Ernest felt sorry for her. Reaching out his big palm, he rubbed her hair. He said in a magnetic and elegant voice, “I should go to meet your parents. ” Florence said with hesitation, “But. ” “No worries. This time, no matter what happens, I’ll never be separated from you again. ” As if he had figured out what worried Florence, Ernest added determined as if he was making a vow, “I promise I’ll take you with me to find the herbs. ” Looking at Ernest’s determined expression, Florence finally became easy and calmed down

If not, I can send my men to look for them together. There is strength in numbers. ”Besides, he believed that the Turner family was quite powerful

. Hence, the possibility of success in finding the herbs would be improved. Collin cast an ironic glance at Theodore and then glanced at the elders in the Turner family. He snorted coldly. “A few hours ago, you all wanted to abolish Ernest and punish him. I can’t ask you to help us find the life-saving herbs. What if anyone of you ruins it after getting the herbs?”“That couldn’t happen certainly!” one of the elders stood up and said affirmatively. Collin looked at him coldly. He looked over at the gray-haired elder, who was standing there with a darkened face, “How about you, Mister? I don’t think you agree. ”Everyone followed his gaze to look over at the gray-haired elder. All the Turners’ expressions changed and their faces darkened. Upon all the gray-haired elder’s reactions today, they knew that he had taken Benjamin’s side. Even he had known Ernest’s excellent genes, the gray-haired elder wasn’t delighted either. Obviously, with his genes that contained the genetic disease of the family, Ernst still couldn’t get any support from Aldrich. As a stubborn man, Aldrich would absolutely ruin the herb if he could find any one of them. Thinking of that, the Turners couldn’t retort what Collin said, feeling quite annoyed. They gazed at the gray-haired elder extremely unhappily. In an instant, the gray-haired older became a target for all. Theodore also looked embarrassed. With a solemn look, he was silent for a moment and then said, “Mr. Campbell, please rest assured. Ernest is the heir of our Turner family with the most precious gene. All our family members will fully support him together. “Of course, as for the herbs and where to find them, it’s confidential information. If we would send someone to find them, we would send the most trustworthy ones. ”As he spoke, Theodore paused a bit and cast a meaningful glance at the gray-haired elder. He added, “Our Turner family will never let anyone with evil intentions join the herb search. ”He didn’t mention anyone’s name, but everyone understood that he targeted Aldrich. Aldrich, the leading elder who was respected by all the family members, suddenly became repelled and alerted by others.