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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 120: Tough Problem

Florence’s heart hammered as if it would jump out from her chest. If she continued staying on his lap, she would be on fire. She tried her best to tilt her head. “Excuse me, Mr. Hawkins. It’s quite late now. If you are not in a hurry, you can deal with those documents tomorrow. ” Then tomorrow it would be Timothy who helped him turn the pages. Seeing through Florence’s mind, Ernest answered calmly, “They are all urgent. ” Florence was rendered speechless. If he had so many urgent documents to deal with, why did he go to have the crayfish with her in the evening? They didn’t get full while it was a waste of time. Florence felt angry but she dared not speak it out. She could only sit on Ernest’s lap and turn the pages for him after a certain estimated period. However, she didn’t know that Ernest didn’t take a look at the document at all. His gaze was glued on her face, deep and affectionate. Florence kept turning the pages for Ernest. Since the content was way too boring, shortly, she started dozing off, her head nodding. “Bang. ” Her head suddenly fell toward the desk. Ernest acted pretty quickly. He placed his thick palm on the desk and held her forehead. Then, he held her waist and let her nestle in his arms. Pressing her head on Ernest’s shoulder, Florence rubbed like a kitten. After finding a comfortable position, she continued to sleep. Ernest stared at the woman in his arms, his eyes darkened. How he wished that she could always stay in his arms so obediently. He lowered his head, his thin lips pecked on her forehead. Then he carried her in his arms softly, walking to the big bed. When Florence opened her eyes, she found a tough problem -- she was sleeping on Ernest’s bed again. Her heart was tightened. Subconsciously, she looked aside. It was empty beside her except for a pillow. She heaved a breath of relief. When she was about to get up, she touched the temperature left on the bed sheet beside her. It meant that Ernest had just got up not long ago. Sure enough, they were sleeping on the same bed again last night. Florence flushed, reaching out to rub her painful temples. “Still thinking about last night?” The man’s deep and seducing voice rang out at the door. Ernest was in a suit without a tie, emanating a sense of leisure

“Let’s have breakfast. ” “. Okay

. ” Florence immediately pulled her hand back. Ernest had gone far recently -- he always touched her without giving her any notice. His action made her feel as if they were lovers. After breakfast, Florence had to take Ernest’s car to work under such a circumstance. However, standing in front of his car with the car key pressed in her hands, Florence was totally stunned. “Where is Timothy?”Ernest answered quite naturally, “You got up too late. Timothy was afraid that he would get a salary deduction, so he had to leave earlier. ”Florence was choked. She didn’t get up that late, did she? Just a few minutes late for work at the most. However, if she would drive, she would have to enter the company with Ernest together, which would be seen easily. Florence hesitated. Ernest raised his eyebrows, looking at her with his deep eyes. “Do you want me to drive myself?”He shook his hand that was bandaged like a mummy’s. “I can drive with one hand. If there’s no emergency, there wouldn’t be an accident. ”Florence was speechless. “Let me drive. I’ll drive. ”She couldn’t care much and sat in the driver’s seat. Ernest curled up into a smile, sitting in the passenger’s seat naturally. It was his first time sitting on this seat, feeling not bad though. After getting familiar with the car, Florence was about to start the engine, but she found that Ernest hadn’t fastened the seat belt yet. She reminded him, “Mr. Hawkins, fasten your seat belt please. ”Ernest shook his bandaged hand. He said naturally, “Not convenient. ”Florence lost her tongue -- he could do it with his right hand, couldn’t he?How could he act like a disabled after injuring just one hand?Florence glared at him in anger, but she couldn’t do anything. She could only lean over and help him fasten the seat belt. This time she took the initiative to approach him, and she felt his strong body and the clean and cold breath that made her heart skip a beat, which was right around her nose tip and made her feel lured. Florence’s heart hammered. She immediately wanted to pull the seat belt in a panic. However, Ernest moved a bit, now knowing whether he did it intentionally or unintentionally. Instantly, Florence’s arms touched his body. Since she was reaching out, it seemed that she was holding him.